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Fun baby shower party favor bags

blue metallic gift bags,baby screw back earrings

Baby showers allow us to welcome those cute little angels into the world. These showers allow women to enjoy their motherhood and to appreciate all the guests for their love. You may get a lot of gifts on your baby shower and you may want to give memorable return gifts to your guests. Here are some ideas which will help you thank your loving guests with unforgettable souvenirs.

  • Pick some cute party favor bags

Your job is half done if your party favor bags are cute. You can pick some favor bags with metallic colors. You can pick medium or large sized blue metallic gift bags from the US Toy Company. You can also check out red, purple, green, silver and gold metallic gift bags. Don’t forget to check out the holographic Diamond gift bags from Misuwrap. Featuring unique drawstring, these bags allow you to pack your gifts with ease. You don’t have to use tape on these bags. They come with durable, reusable and printed lamination. You can pick the all-in-one 15-piece gift bag set because it will save your time and money. These 15-piece metallic Diamond finish gift bags are available in silver, red, green and blue colors.

  • Choose some nice gift items

Selecting some good gifts is the first step. You can create some cute and useful gift items for your guests. For instance you can pick some miniature myrtle trees or other miniature plants and put them in different tea cups. You can gift these tree cups to your guests. You can pick some bright artificial flowers and put them in small gift bags. Don’t forget to put a few chocolates and candies on the bottom of your gift bag. You can go for some ready made party favors if you don’t have much time. Baby screw back earrings will be a great choice if you want to gift something really cute. You can go for 14 K Gold Ruby earrings. Ivy Green offers 14 K Gold baby screw back earrings having two genuine 3mm round ruby gemstones. Especially designed for babies, these earrings come with shorter posts which suit your little one’s ears. These earrings have smooth screw backs which keep your baby at ease. You can also check out Sterling Silver Cross screw back stud earrings from Ivy Green. These earrings are made of sterling silver. They are a fine jewelry gift for babies and little children. Featuring shorter post, they fit your little one’s ears easily. Their screw backs are safe and smooth on the bottom.

  • Write cute messages for your party favors

Once your party favors are ready, you can take a pen and paper to write a cute message for your guests. You can write messages on small pieces of paper and put them in all the gifts. This will really make your guests feel special and loved. You can write funny messages like, ‘Dear Aunt Marry, I will soon see you and make you change my diapers.’

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