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Best of the Web No. 28

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Craft Corners Best of the Web

It’s been some time since we’ve been able to feature some amazing craft sites around the internet but have no fear! Best of the Web: Craft Corners has returned. We have a couple craft websites that we’ve fallen in love with and we’re sure that you will too once you visit them. One of our favorite parts of craft sites is being able to celebrate the holidays with homemade style. What’s your favorite part of the spooky Halloween holidays? We love being able to carve amazing pumpkins and give fun candy to the cute trick-or-treaters. Before we get too carried away, here’s the sites that completely outdo other craft sites you see.

 Random Thoughts… Do or Di

random thoughts do or di

“I started blogging in 2010 so our children could follow along on a vacation my husband and I were taking to France. When I returned home my sister suggested I start writing about my quilts and the blog has grown from there. I love to share about the projects I am making, from canning and baking to sewing and quilting. I throw in posts about family events, travel and gardening, too. I wish I would have named my blog “Wanna be Martha Stewart”, because I think she has done so much to help make keeping a home an art and not a burden.”

The Average Quilter

the average quilter

“I have been sewing and quilting most of my life. When I cut out my 1st quilt it was with a cardboard template and a pair of scissors and we strung the pieces on thread to keep them all together.  Things sure have changed since then. When I started my blog ‘Average Quilter’ it was a way for me to share the quilts and things in my life with family and friends. As with my 1st quilt things have changed since I started my blog. It is still a place for family and friends but I have now expanded my reach to other bloggers that enjoy visiting and viewing the works of an average quilter.” – Margaret Thompson

That wraps it up for our Best of the Web. We look forward to any more sites that would like to be featured here. Leave us a comment if you’re interested  And don’t forget, with Halloween right around the corner, don’t you think it’s time to pick up your own decoration Halloween pumpkins set? I know that my pumpkins will be completely ready for all Hallow’s eve. See you next time folks and stay crafty!


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