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How to make a DIY iPad cover


DIY iPad cover by Sean MacEntee ( via Creative Commons

DIY iPad cover – There are many different types of iPad covers available online. You can easily purchase a funky cover of your choice. On the other hand, making a cover at home will not only allow you to use your creativity, but it will also help you keep down the cost of owning an iPad. Here are some items you will need to make a suitable cover:

  • A sturdy rectangular placemat – a mat that is 24 inches wide works best
  • Clear or colored tape
  • Scissors
  • Velcro with adhesive backing

You can follow the steps below to make iPad covers for your friends, family members or yourself. These covers make great birthday gifts, anniversary gifts and even return gifts.

Pick out the right kind of placemat

Make sure that your placemat is durable, stylish, thick and strong. Picking out a good placemat is the most important step of this project because it has to bear the weight of your iPad. If you don’t have a suitable one at home, you can check out different woven placemats online, such as Food Network’s stria woven vinyl placemat in charcoal or a Home Studio woven placemat in pink or mustard. The woven design of these placemats lends a fashionable touch.

Fold the placemat according to the size of your iPad

Place your rectangular placemat horizontally on a flat surface and measure its width. If your placemat is 24 inches wide, place your iPad 8 inches away from the left corner of the placemat. Now fold the left and right sides of the placemat over your iPad. Your folded placemat should now look somewhat like an envelope and be 10 inches tall and 15 inches wide.

Connect the front and back of the placemat and finish off with tape and Velcro

Place your covered iPad horizontally on your surface. Use colored or clear tape to connect the front of your placemat to its back. To do so, leave the upper flap open and stick the tape on top of the lower flap. Flip the iPad over to the reverse side and join your tape’s ends on this side. Now close the vertical edges of your cover with five or six layers of black tape. Move your cover and see if your iPad shifts from one side to the other. If it does, simply take a needle and some thread and stitch a line to eliminate the extra space on each side. Now grab some Velcro with a sticky back, take off its backing and stick it onto the front of your iPad cover. This will allow you to close your cover. Now bring the upper flap down, press it into the Velcro and you’re done!

In addition to making a nice iPad cover, you can pick out an STM jacket for iPad and decorate it the way you want. This lightweight jacket allows you to travel easily with your iPad. Have fun making these two items for your iPad and making a fashion statement at work and everywhere else!


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Make a DIY denim bag


denim bag - Little Handmade Bag Swap by cakersandco ( via Creative Commons

You can use an old pair of jeans in a number of ways. One of the best ways to make use of your old pair of jeans is by turning it into a denim tote bag. We all need bags to carry our stuff at grocery stores, malls and various other places. Here are some steps to help you make a nice denim bag.

What you’ll need:

  • an old pair of jeans or a denim skirt or top
  • spring scissors
  • heavy-duty sewing machine
  • needle
  • jeans thread made of 70% polyester and 30% cotton
  • black fabric
  • decorative lace
  • fabric flower

What to do:

  1. Take your old jeans and cut two rectangles from the legs using spring scissors. Cut the rectangles in the size you want your tote bag to be. You can also use an old denim skirt or top to cut bigger rectangles.
  2. Once you’ve cut the rectangles, you can start sewing with a heavy-duty sewing machine and  jeans thread. Position the hems at the top and fold your rectangles in thirds lengthwise. Mark the two inside creases and make sure you fold across the length of the fabric.
  3. Place one rectangle on top of the other, with the reverse sides facing outward; then sew the sides, bottom and corners.
  4. Fold the bag so that the bottom and side seam are stacked on top of one another. Now sew across the corner and make sure to keep the new seam perpendicular to the existing ones. Repeat this process on the other corner.
  5. Flip the bag right side out, and you’ll see that the corners are blunted. Now line the bottom and side seam up so that you can sew across them.
  6. Now you can make the handles of your denim bag. Cut two 2-inch-wide strips of a strong black fabric. You can also cut two strips out of your jeans. Pin and stitch the handles to the bag.
  7. Take a long piece of decorative lace, cut it into two pieces and stitch them to both sides of your bag. You can add more charm to your bag by stitching a fabric flower at its right side.

You can easily make a denim tote bag with the help of some useful tools. Spring scissors feature a spring that helps you cut a thick piece of cloth effortlessly. The jeans thread, decorative lace and fabric flower will be sure to make your denim bag sturdy and beautiful. So give these steps a try to make an amazing denim tote bag at home!


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DIY wind chimes


wind chimes Creative Commons | McKay Savage |

You can use all sorts of scrapping  materials to help create the perfect wind chime. You can also incorporate different metals or wood to spruce up the finished look of the wind chime. Here is a look at some items you can gather for making unique angel wind chimes for your home:

  • White beads
  • Angel charms/angel wing pendant
  • White marbles
  • Sea shells of different shapes and sizes
  • A drilling machine with a small diamond drill bit
  • A small wooden stick
  • Invisible plastic thread

Once you have collected these items, it is time for action! Follow these steps to make the perfect wind chime:

  • Take the wooden stick and cut it into the desired size. Keep in mine that the width of this piece of wood should be the width of your wind chime.
  • Create three holes on the wooden stick using your drilling machine. Make one hole at the center of the stick as well as on the opposite ends of the stick.
  • Take the invisible plastic thread and cut in into three long pieces and tie a knot at each end. Put a piece of thread into the middle hole and take it out from the other end (the knot of your thread should act like a stopper and should not pass through the hole. You can make two or more knots at the same place in order to prevent the thread from slipping through).
  • Place the two knotted threads in the vacant holes.
  • Pick up a sea shell and make a hole in it. Now you can put the thread into it. Tie a knot below to create a stopper. You can embellish by incorporating the white marbles and beads into your thread. If you don’t have an angel charm, you can use an angel wing pendant. These pendants will surely add some zazz to the wind chime.
  • Keep adding shells to the threads until all three threads have at least 5 sea shells and two marbles.

In just 30 minutes you’ve got yourself a homemade wind chime! And one made from sea shells, marbles, angel charms, and natural stones will create a soothing sound for your home environment!


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Make your own cd sculpture



CD Sculpture | Steve Snodgrass ( | Creative Commons

In today’s project we’re going to go over how you can go about making your very own “CD sculpture”. So what exactly is a CD sculpture? It’s any number of things – you can use this fun crafting idea to make a wall hanging, an intricate piece of art, or even a bead-like entry way. We really love this project because its very fun, very easy, and looks absolutely fantastic. So without further ado – let’s get right to it!

What You’ll Need

  • Blank compact discs – you can find these anywhere they sell computer hardware.
  • Some very long strings, preferably in multiple colors
  • A long rod – this can be plastic, wood, or hookless shower curtain depending on the look you’re trying to go for.

What To Do

  1. You’ll want to start off by tying off your pieces of rope or string to the rod you’ve prepared. You can do this by tying  a loop with each piece of yarn and finishing up with a simple knot.
  2. Next you’ll want to thread the yarn through the center of the cd and back up, tying off a knot. Repeat this process and tie another knot on the opposite end. The result should be a cd that is suspended by the opposing knots and hangs in space along the string. Depending on how dense you’d like your compact disc sculpture to be, you can experiment with leaving varying amounts of space between each succeeding cd until you’re satisfied with the look.
  3. Finally you’ll want to mount the sculpture in your desired spot. You can do this by simply attaching the top rod to a fixture such as a wall or the top of a door frame. The door frame is our personal favorite place, because it allows the sculpture to act as a sort of loose beaded door of its own. You can also experiment with decorating your sculpture with fun items like black and white checked balloons.

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DIY lampshade


DIY lampshade Styrofoam lamp by Shannon Holman via Creative CommonsEver throw a kegger and wonder what to do with all your left over party cups that are still in good condition? If you care about the planet, then you’ll most likely scheme out a crafty plan to put these reusable cups into use. But if not, why not create a one-of-a-kind, spherical cup lamp or unique lampshade? What’s best is that these projects can be completed in just a few minutes with just a glue gun and a ton of cups. You can create a few of these nifty designs and then show off your finished product to friends and family!

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

  1. Optional: Before you begin glue your cups together, you can embellish your cups with glitter and paint. You can use your crafts wood to apply paint and glitter neatly all over the cup.
  2. To make this as easy as possible, we are going to create a number of 7-cup hexagonal units. Depending on how large you’d like your lamp to be, you’ll either use more or less cups. When you’re building your first hexagonal unit, be sure to have a central cup surrounded by the 6 other cups.
  3. Glue each piece carefully and repeat this step until you’ve gotten the right number of units for your project.
  4. Gather all units together and assemble them into a sphere shaped model and glue all units together. If you’re an avid crafter, challenge yourself by creating a unique type of sphere.

Once you’re all done with the sticky stuff comes the fun part but first, allow your masterpiece to dry for about 20 minutes to half an hour depending on the size of your lamp and voila- you’ve got yourself an easy make DIY lampshade! Impress your friends and family with this amazing and unique in-home design. Happy crafting, everyone!


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