Make a floor cushion with a tire

A floor cushion is handy in the living room, the kids sit on it in their room. And a cushion on the floor takes up less space than a Chair. Found on Pinterest, learn how to make a floor cushion with the recycling spirit. How to make a floor cushion by yourself A tire will be a perfect support to serve as basis for your cushion. It is round, 5-8″ tall, which is perfect to turn it into a floor cushion. And to get a tire is easy like going to a junkyard or  your dealership, or simply to recycle your own when […]

Paper mache crafts for kids

How to keep your kids entertained this summer?  It is a major challenge for parents when their kids are home all day and you don’t get to send them off after breakfast.  Now you actually have to entertain them all day.  How do those elementary school teachers do it? Well, if your children like to craft, that is certainly an option.  If they don’t like to craft – get them into crafting so that you can get them busy making paper mache crafts this summer and hang on to a tad bit of your sanity. When it comes to paper […]

Create A Planter With A Wooden Pallet

Create your own gardener at lower cost, thanks to a wooden pallet. It will have its effect on a balcony as a terrace. we show you how to, in pictures… Create furniture with recycled wooden pallets also applies to the garden. On his blog, we  unveil a tutorial easy and not expensive to transform an old palette in practical and decorative planter for the balcony. Follow the guide “”  Necessary equipment: – a wooden pallet – a bag of compost – strawberry plants – a hammer stripper nails – a jig saw –  screwdriver – a cutter – a wall stapler   1) […]

How to make a DIY cake stand

  Stylish dinnerware can not only increase your appetite but they can also make you a popular host. You can serve your dessert in style with a classy cake stand. Making a cake stand at home will help you save some money. Along with this, it will allow you to give your personal touch to the cake stand. Here are some items you will need to make a stylish cake stand. A plastic or acrylic plate A coordinating or contrasting cup Craft adhesive A ribbon The following steps will help you create chic cake stands which will make your dessert […]

DIY pink eyeglass case

Eye glasses are a necessity for many people, therefore, glasses cases must not be boring! This trendy case for glasses is perfect for teens to create and use. It requires less than an hour’s time to craft and is a fun project. Follow these 7 easy steps to make the perfect DIY pink eyeglass case. What you need: Crafts felt, preferably pink (test and make sure felt will not scratch lenses Soft matching lining material Felt craft embellishments Jewel glue Embroidery thread in color of choice Fusible web Checkerboard fabric What to do: If you’re using a crafts template, you may […]