How to make a wall organizer using wine corks

Cork Board

Welcome to the first official Craft Corners blog post! Today I’m going to show you how to make a super easy, fun craft you can hang anywhere in your home. Instead of throwing your corks away after drinking a bottle of wine, save them and create a simple, stylish wall organizer. Not only is it easy, but its eco-friendly because your using recycled corks and materials. read more

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DIY toy for your children

This is something different than a usual DIY project for you and your kids. DIY shoebox foosball game is a great opportunity for your kids to learn something new, get some new skills and have a great time with parents. The project is very simple and you will need just one hour to make it. After that is time for fun. This DIY project has got a lot of positive feedback because it gives the opportunity for parents to work with kids. Kids will have a great time coloring box and parents need to handle scissors and glue.
First, you will need some stuff that you probably have in your home. For this project you need, of course, kids, one shoebox, ten clothes pegs, four straws, scissors, ruler, clear tape, glue and one ball. The ball you can make from paper but the best option is a ping pong ball. read more

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How to create your own army girl costume

 army boots Creative Commons | j.botter |

Let’s be creative this Halloween! Before you go shopping in all those fancy malls you can simply try to create a costume of your own this Halloween. You might already have all the things necessary for an army girl costume in those small drawers at home. The best thing about putting together your own costume is that you can reuse items you already have! read more

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How to scrapbook a cover for your journal

brown kraft paper envelopes Creative Commons | Shimelle Laine (

You can make a personalized and fun journal with the help of different types of paper. You can embellish the journal as much as you want to make it look great. Hand-made journals make fantastic presents for people who love writing, doodling and making lists to stay organized. Here are some things you will need to make a stunning journal. read more

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DIY mosaic coffee table

Mosaic low coffee table Creative Commons | Bart Everson |

We all have ready-made dining and coffee tables at our homes. These tables are surely stylish and functional but you may want to make a few changes to them, especially if they are getting old and beat up. Making a personalized coffee table can be really fun. You can remodel an old coffee table or buy a new one for this project. I’m going to teach you how to make a mosaic coffee table. Here’s how you can do it: read more

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