DIY paper heart garland

Paper is a crafters best friend! So bring out a pile of paper and have reams of fun with these paper crafts for kids. They’ll enjoy making masks, hats, baskets and other paper crafts. Assuming you’re an avid scrap-a-holic who has got tons of scrapbook paper laying around, put it to use with this fun and easy DIY paper heart garland. Whether they’re cut, folded, pasted, or printed, paper heart garlands are easy to make – and make pleasant interior home décor for birthday parties or other in-home events! Read on to find out how you can make your own […]

How to recycle old game pieces

  Before you take that stack of old games to the donation station, there are few items you might want to recycle into something beautiful and artistic. I love to keep recycle old Dominos and make them into pretty keepsakes. Sometimes they make cute little personalized gifts as well. You might not have dominos, but this project idea might just inspire you to recycle other game pieces into coasters, magnets and other treasures that you can keep for yourself or give as gifts.       Here’s what you need: – Domino game pieces – Rubber stamps – Ink pads […]

DIY T-shirt necklace

A little creativity can surely help you create some beautiful accessories. You can make some amazing necklaces and match them with different clothing items. All you need to make some stylish fabric necklaces is an old T-shirt and scissors. Here are some steps to help you make chic necklaces at home: Take a teal and brown fabric T-shirt and cut its body into quarter-inch strips. Made of 100% cotton, these T-shirts are soft and firm enough to make a necklace. Cut the hem off this T-shirt as you will not be using it. Now cut out the desired amount of strips […]

DIY wind chimes

    You can use all sorts of scrapping  materials to help create the perfect wind chime. You can also incorporate different metals or wood to spruce up the finished look of the wind chime. Here is a look at some items you can gather for making unique angel wind chimes for your home: White beads Angel charms/angel wing pendant White marbles Sea shells of different shapes and sizes A drilling machine with a small diamond drill bit A small wooden stick Invisible plastic thread Once you have collected these items, it is time for action! Follow these steps to make […]

How to install tiles easily in your home

Is your weekend around the corner? If yes, then you must find a good project for yourself. Weekends are great for enjoyment and household chores. So why not this weekend give your bathroom, kitchen and other rooms a new look with a nice peel and stick tile. Totally easy to install, these tiles are available online in a vast variety. Here are some steps which will help you install these tiles. Decide the pattern First of all, it is important to decide the pattern of your peel and stick tile. You can decide the pattern according to your room’s décor. […]