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Turn an old vinyl tablecloth into Roll-up Diaper Changer!


vinyl tablecloth

It can be hard to change your baby’ diaper when you are out where there is no restroom. Babies don’t see the place or time when the nature calls. So, it is best to have a roll-up diaper changer handy. You can store wipes and diapers in this roll-up. You can also use it as a changing pad for the baby.

Here are some steps that can help you to make a cute and practical diaper changer:



Upcycle your shower curtain into a beach bag!


hookless shower curtain

Spring comes with those warm days and a lot of water activities! The breezy and pleasant days of spring give you a chance to swim in the community pools and open ocean. So, pick your beach essentials and throw them in a beach bag. Make personalized beach bags at home to save money. Here are some things you will need to make a beach stunning bag:



DIY Personalized Coffee mugs!


restaurant coffee mugs

Coffee mugs can be great presents for your loved ones. You can personalize a coffee mug and use it to flatter a birthday boy or girl. You can also write love quotes on a mug and gift it to your spouse on your anniversary. It is fun, easy to decorate a coffee mug.
Here are some things you will need to do this:



How to scrapbook a cover for your journal


brown kraft paper envelopes

You can make a personalized and fun journal with the help of different types of paper. You can embellish the journal as much as you want to make it look great. Hand-made journals make fantastic presents for people who love writing, doodling and making lists to stay organized. Here are some things you will need to make a stunning journal.



Fun ideas on what to use that old wire dress form for


wire dress form

Wire dress forms are used in various fashion houses. Perfect to flaunt the latest garments and accessories, they can serve your needs just like a mannequin for several years. Here are some other uses of wire dress forms.

Use wire dress forms as jewelry hangers

A wire dress form has a structure similar to the human body. So, you can use it to store your necklaces and even earrings. You can also hang your hats, scarves and various other accessories on it. Don’t forget to use your wire dress form to store accessories you use on a regular basis.

Use your wire dress forms to decorate a Vintage themed room

Pick a wire dress form with metallic paint and decorate it with feathers for a Vintage look. You can paint a silver wire dress in Glorious Gold or Champagne Gold color. Position the feathers to its bust area and use a wide lace to make a skirt at the bottom. The Cheungs Rattan wire dress form comes with various colors and a feminine structure. This one will be ideal for a Vintage room. Use Gold craft wire to keep the feathers and laces in place. Finish off with a pearl necklace. Now your wire dress form is ready for a Vintage room or a lady’s dressing table area.

Create a Wreath out of your wire dress form

Just bend the wire dress into a circle and decorate it with silk flowers. Make sure you leave the hook for hanging. So, use your old wire dress to make a personalized Wreath instead of buying a pricey Wreath from the market.

Use your wire dress as a hanger and to get ready for the next working day

Pick a male or female wire dress form, iron your business suit and hang it on your new hanger. This will help you to quickly get ready for work. You can simply decide an outfit for your next working day and hang it on the wire dress form.


How to paint your own decorative plates


clear protective coat on dishware,cellophane gift bags

Everyone uses plates and bowls in their homes but do you know decorative plates can be pretty show pieces as well? You can decorate your plates and bowls with several designs and decorative items. These decorative plates make great gifts. You can gift them to your friends and family members. Here are some items you will need to decorate and paint your plates.


What you need:

  • Glass plates
  • Sharpees of assorted colors
  • Clear protective coat

You can follow the under mentioned steps to create some personalized dishes with funny drawings, funny quotes, inspirational quotes etc. You can use these plates as party favors or birthday presents.

  • Firstly, it is important to choose the right plate. You must choose a glass plate that’s microwave friendly. A glass plate won’t melt in the oven and this is of utmost importance for this project.
  • Now you can decorate your plate using different sharpees. You can draw funny pictures or write love messages on your plate. The quote or drawing depends on the person for whom you are making a personalized plate. For instance you can simply write “Will you marry me?” on your plate if you want to propose your girlfriend.
  • Once you have decorated your plates with sharpees, you can bake them at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. That will help you set the ink. Afterwards, let your plate cool down completely.
  • Last but not the least, you have to clear spray a protective coat on dishware. This spray will not only allow you to decorate your plate well but it will also allow you to use it for serving food. You can purchase a Krylon acrylic crystal clear coating 11 oz bottle. This spray protects your drawings and decoration from water, dust and stains. It provides a permanent gloss coating to your plate. This spray is moisture resistant and smudge-proof. You can also use it on your old photographs to improve their contrast. You can use this spray to protect your carbon copies, records, maps, documents, display materials, ceramic items, wood crafts and many more items.

Once your personalized plate is dry, you can pack it in cute cellophane gift bags. These bags come in various sizes and shapes. You can check out the Candy Cane and Cross cellophane bags from Century Novelty. These bags will help you finish your project with grace. They allow you to give decorative plates to your loved ones in style!

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