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DIY Broom Holder

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broom holder

Broom holders are both convenient and helpful in organizing your storage area, allowing you to neatly store your brooms, mops, and other similar shaped items in a contained spot that is easily accessible. The true mark of a clean house is not only sanitation but organization as well, and having a neat place to amass your cleaning tools that is both orderly and out of sight is a great place to start. But why pay $20 for a broom holder when you can make your own for les that $3? Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make you own DIY broom holder that’s as easy as 1-2-3.


-          6” strap hinge

-          Power drill

-          Screws

-          Drill bit

-          Athletic tape (optional)

How to build it:

1. Using the drill bit, drill a hole and/or expand an existing hole that is slightly larger than the circumference of your broom handle.

2. Drill the other end of the strap hinge so that the end point of the triangle is facing toward the ceiling. Make sure to secure it somewhere safe in the wall.

3. Slot in the end of the broom handle into the previously drilled hole with the handle facing downwards and you’re done!

You can of course repeat the steps with other strap hinges for addition brooms or mops and use the athletic tape to label your various holders to keep things as organized as possible.

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