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How to make your very own paper tiger

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Have you ever wanted to make your own paper tiger? Of course you have! There’s nothing quite like creating a piece of the safari right there in your own living room. Paper crafting is a fun and easy way to get crafting, making it an ideal choice for kids as well as adults. These types of crafts are a great way to decorate a child’s room, and allow kids to get engaged with the world around them. Read on for a fun and easy example of a paper craft – we’re going to be making a paper tiger!


  • Gelwriters
  • Yellow construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick and bottle of Elmer’s glue
  • Plastic cup


  1. Take the plastic cup and outline it to draw a circle (this will be the tiger’s head)
  2. Take the glue stick and outline it as well to make two smaller circles (these will be the tiger’s ears)
  3. Draw a squiggly outline for the tail
  4. Outline the bottle of Elmer’s glue (this will make up the tiger’s body).
  5. Cut out your various outlines and glue them one by one to another sheet of paper.
  6. Add fun details like the tiger’s face and fearsome stripes – voila!

As you can see making paper tigers is a breeze, and will keep your child occupied for quite some time. A great alternative to using construction paper cutouts is by using a computer painting program to create the shapes. Doing it this way will give you the option of  actually adding the details ahead of time. After you’re done creating your outlines just print them up on a quality printer like the Canon IR 1730 copier and you’ll be good to go! Creating crafts on the computer has the added benefit of teaching your child valuable information technology skills that will stay with them for the rest of their life.



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