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How to keep track of chores the fun way

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chalkboard for kitchen

Chores can sometimes be boring. They are monotonous and often tiring for kids. Kids may whine that they don’t want to organize their toys or clean their room. They may give you excuses like ‘I don’t know how to make a bed.’ Making excuses and avoiding chores can become a bad habit. Here are some steps which will help you encourage your kids to do their chores without fussing about them. These steps will also help you keep track of all the chores in a fun way.

  • Organize a contest

You can organize a 15 minute contest for your kids. You can assign similar chores to everyone and give a reward to the one who completes the chore in 15 minutes. This contest will not only instill sportsman spirit in your kids but it will also help them learn time management.

  • Install a chalkboard in your kitchen

A chalkboard will keep your kids excited about the chores. You can write the chores and their rewards on the chalkboard. You can pick a chalkboard for kitchen after comparing some of them online. You can go for a regular square chalkboard or a cute chalkboard shaped like an apple. The World Market offers big apple wall decals and chalkboards. Perfect for your kitchen, these chalkboards help you keep track of all the to-do items. You can write important messages as well on this chalkboard. You can erase everything and write new things on the chalkboard. You can also check out the scroll chalkboard vinyl wall decal available at the World Market. Made of eco-friendly vinyl, this wall decal is easy to apply, easy to remove and easy to re-position.

  • Use music to instill zeal in kids

Music can fill your kids with enthusiasm and excitement. You can dance and work with them. It will be really fun to dance around while doing the chores. This is one of the best ways to encourage your kids for the chores.

  • Teach your kids to earn privileges

You can encourage your kids to earn rewards. For instance you can tell your kid that he will be allowed to spend 20 minutes extra on the computer if he takes out the trash every morning without being asked. Similarly, you can allow him to play the video game for an hour if he cleans his room properly. You can give your teens a little extra time to spend on Facebook.



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