Make a Baseball Pinata

Baseball pinata eyes on the prize by Myles Grant | via Creative Commons

What is a pinata? It is a pretty box decorated with the shape that we want, and which contains candies and confetti. Hang it in the air, on the ceiling or a tree branch for example, and destroy it with baseball bats, to recover the delicious treasure it contains! It's the perfect animation for a birthday party or birthday party. read more

DIY Pinata

DIY pinata

How to Make a Pinata? – Fall is definitely in the air here at the Craft Corners headquarters in northern Alabama. It’s just about time to start thinking about outdoor parties again. And if you’re going to have a birthday party or an outdoor Spring celebration event, you might be wanting a pinata! Sure, you could visit the local corner store and buy a donkey or a star, but if you want a more personalized pinata, you can make your own in just 5 easy steps! read more

Get crafty with vinyl placemats

recycle vinyl placemat cut outs for crafts

Vinyl has many great attributes making it an excellent material for DIY projects. It is flexible, durable, holds shape well and is inexpensive. You can purchase sheets of vinyl to craft with or you can recycle your own vinyl products.

When I think of this material, my first thought is of vinyl placemats. They come in an unlimited amount shapes, sizes and designs. Additionally they are inexpensive and extremely convenient. Because they are cheap, I often buy fun designs and colors but retire them way before their expiration date. Instead of throwing them away or shoving them in the back of your kitchen cabinets, make a fun DIY craft with them! read more

Handmade Christmas cards

Handmade Christmas cards – The holidays are coming quickly, there still some time left for Homemade Christmas crafts and cards! When I need to make a lot of cards, I like to pick a product that makes it easier to to choose the colors and design. It helps me speed up my creative process. This year I have created a number of cards using felt embellishments created by Pebbles Inc from the Welcome Christmas line. I have three cards to share using some of these felt embellishments. read more