DIY crib sheet

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FITTED CRIB SHEET - La Pepita Black by boujiandnouna (

Have a baby on the way?  What theme are you going to go with for the nursery?  If you really want to make that room something special, the sooner you get started on it the better – particularly if you are interested in using some DIY decoration.

That’s right, a great place to exercise your crafting skills is your soon-to-be child’s nursery.  For example, if you want your kid to grow up on a farm, make some him or her farm themed nursery bedding for the crib.  Making your own nursery bedding is not too difficult for an experienced crafter.  The first thing you have to make is the fitted crib sheet.  Here’s how to do that:

Materials needed-

  • Fabric
  • Elastic
  • Sewing machine

1.  Fabric

Are you still on board with the farm theme?  Or do you want to go with the monkey themed baby bedding that I made using these steps?  Either way, choose a 70” x 45” piece that looks nice and pre-wash it in order to avoid any future complications.

2.  Corners

Cut a nine-inch by nine-inch square out of a corner.  You now have two corners where there used to be only one – sew those two together.  Repeat this process with each corner.

3.  Edges

Fold the edges up and sew a zigzag stitch around the entire sheet.  Don’t worry too much if this doesn’t look perfect because it will be under the mattress.

4.  Elastic

Place the center of the elastic on the center of the corner seam and sew it there.  Stretch the elastic along the edge, sewing as you go.

It’s as simple as that.  You have now made a fitted crib sheet for your baby’s bed.  Get some blankets and pillows in there along with a mobile and the entire crib will be waiting patiently to keep your baby cozy when he or she arrives.