DIY literature organizer

How to make a baby (out of paper) by moppet65535 | via Creative Commons

Literature organizers are a great addition to any office or work space. A literature organizer 12 slot box may be a little excessive for those who work in a small business or from home, so this guide is a design for a smaller, more compact organizer. Here’s how to do it:

List of materials:

–          Wood stain

–          Paint brush

–          Twenty-eight ½” wood screws

–          Power drill

–          Two 12”x10” wood boards

–          Three 12”x10” wood boards

–          One 10”x 6” wood board

How to build it:

1. Prep the wood by sanding out the surfaces and wiping them down.

2. Paint wood with coat of wood stain to ensure durability.

3. Attach two 12”x10” wood boards and two 12”x6” wood boards to create a box frame. Use four ½” screws to attach each board together and add a 6”x10” board as the backing.

4. Slide in one 10”x12” wood board into middle of the frame, creating a shelf. From the outside, secure the board with four ½” screws.

Now that you are finished, you can fill it up with 4 x 6 envelopes and letters to your desire. Be sure to put it in a space that is easily accessible set as on the corner of your desk or on the edge.

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