How to make flower pot people

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Flower pot man by Nadia308 ( via Creative Commons


Flower Pot People –  If you are looking for a fun craft that can add a unique element to your backyard, here’s the perfect project.  Just follow these instructions to make a flower pot person.

Materials needed:

  • Flower pots
    • 12 with a six-inch diameter (arms)
    • 12 with an eight-inch diameter (legs)
    • 2 with a 12-inch diameter (body)
    • 1 with a 10-inch diameter (head)
    • Twelve pieces of Styrofoam that are three inches thick
    • Strong wire
    • Wire cutters


  1. Paint the pots in whatever fashion you desire, and let dry (this step is optional).
  2. Poke a hole in each piece of Styrofoam and each flower pot just large enough for the wire to fit through.
  3. Tie a knot in the wire.  Bring the wire through the Styrofoam so that it rests on the knot.
  4. Bring the wire through an eight-inch pot from the inside and let the pot rest on the foam.  That is one of the feet.
  5. Slide another piece of Styrofoam down the wire and rest it on the pot.  Then bring another eight-inch pot to rest on the Styrofoam.  Continue this process until you have six pots – that is a leg.
  6. Bring the wire through another eight-inch pot – this time from the outside – until it rests on top of the sixth pot.  Bring a piece of Styrofoam down the wire so that it rests inside the pot.  Stack the other five on top in the same manner.
  7. Put a piece of Styrofoam into the 12th pot and tie a knot; allow 12 inches of wire between the legs.  Cut any excess rope.
  8.  Follow steps 2-7 with the six-inch flower pots to make the arms.
  9. Place a 12-inch pot right side up on a bench with bench cushions (flower pot person will be difficult to move once assembled); place the other one upside down on top of it with another piece of wire running through both – that’s the body.
  10. Tie the bottom end of this wire to the wire between the legs.
  11. Tie the top end to the wire between the arms.
  12. Place the 10-inch pot, right side up, on the body and pull the wire through.  Tie a knot and you’re done.

Now you have your very own flower pot person – better and more unique than a scarecrow.  See if that doesn’t make your guests do a double take.