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Fun with lights

Filed in Home & Garden

Fun with lights http://www.flickr.com/photos/oskay

Fun with lights – Lights and light based projects don’t get enough love here at the Craftcorners blog, and today we’re setting out to change that. Light projects are a fun and easy way to transform any room or outdoor space, and can really creative a fantastic mood in an otherwise drab environment. To kick things off today we’re going to take a look at one such project: the light vine. We love this particular idea because it uses a very common household object in a new and unique way. In fact it’s going to give you a great excuse to dust off those Christmas lights! Let’s get started.

What You’ll Need

  • Several lengths of “icicle” style Christmas lights. For this project we recommend forgoing multi-colored lights.
  • Several boxes of push pins.
  • Optional: decorational “tops” for your lights and calligraphy pen ink for tracing.

What To Do

The main idea here is that we’re going to be emulating a “vine” growing across one of our interior walls. Instead of growing a real vine over the course of several years however, we’re going to create a fun instant vine with a little help from our Christmas lights.

You’ll want to begin by ensuring that your “vine” has access to an electrical socket – this will basically determine the location of your lighting installation.

From there you’re going to begin by creating the design for the main “stem” of your vine, ignoring the hanging icicles for now.

Once you’ve got a general trajectory planned out for your vine, you can pin it in place using your push pins (be careful not to pierce the actual wire though – cork panels can help here).

Depending on how long you want your installation to be, you can extend it with multiple lengths of Christmas lights.

After your shape is in place, you will now finish off your lighting installation by pinning the hanging icicles in a growth pattern that resembles a real vine – presto!


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Make your own DIY bobby pin holder

Filed in Home & Garden



Are you tired of constantly losing your impossible-to-find bobby pins? Not to worry – you can tackle this problem by making a quick and easy DIY bobby pin holder! Today’s inspiration came from a handy item you might have in your own kitchen: a magnetic knife strip. To get started on making your own bobby pin holder, here is what you’ll need:

  • mirror medicine cabinet
  • ruler
  • adhesive-backed magnetic strip – use a strip that is at least 1 inch wide
  • scissors
  • foam mounting squares
  • scrapbook paper in a pattern or print of your choice

What to do:

  1. Open your medicine cabinet and use a ruler to measure the door’s width.
  2. Grab your scissors and cut a length of magnetic strip that is at least one inch shorter than the width of the cabinet door.
  3. Cut a strip of scrapbook paper that is about a half-inch longer and wider than the magnetic strip. Cover the front of the magnetic strip with the piece of scrapbook paper. Fold over any excess paper and press it into the adhesive backing of the magnetic strip to keep it in place.
  4. Use the foam mounting squares to mount your magnetic strip to the back of the cabinet door.
  5. Add your bobby pins and enjoy never losing another one again!

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DIY paper Halloween lanterns

Creative Commons | Cat Winterfox | http://www.flickr.com/photos/frykitty/6216175934/


DIY paper Halloween lanterns – Making your own Halloween lanterns is fun and when they are done you have a cool new Halloween decoration. These look really cool with a candle or electric tea light inside of them.  This is a project that kids can participate in too, with a little help from an adult. Happy Halloween crafting!

Here’s what you need:

A tea light or electric tea light candle

Here’s what you do:

  1. Take your black construction paper and cut four pieces so that they are 5 inches wide and 7 inches tall.
  2. On all of the pieces, fold the long ends an inch inward toward the side that will be the inside of your lantern. You are making flaps that you will tape together to create the lantern.
  3. Draw a border an inch and a half in on each of your sides so that it looks like a frame. Use some white chalk to draw designs you want such as bats, cats pumpkins etc. inside the area of these frames. The design need to be attached to the frame, because you will be cutting around them and you don’t want to cut them out!
  4. Use an X-acto knife to cut the paper out around your shapes. Use the chalk marks as your guide.
  5. Then cut pieces of vellum so that they can be taped to the inside part of each side of your lantern. Use your Darice double sided tape to secure the vellum on all the inside lantern frames.
  6. Now use the Darice double sided tape along all of the flaps and stick them together. Just light a small tea light, and you will have a beautiful and festive lantern!



Make your yard Halloween ready

 hanging Halloween decoration

If you really want to make this Halloween a memorable one then don’t forget to make your house the creepiest one. Here are some items which will help you make your yard ready for this Halloween.

  • Black and yellow light bulbs
  • A zombie like dummy
  • Cardboards
  • Black sketch pen
  • Hanging decorations
  • A plastic skeleton
  • A wooden chair
  • Fake cobwebs
  • CDs with scary sounds

You can follow the following steps to create the spookiest Halloween yard of your block. These steps will help you set up a yard which will provide spooky fun to kids as well as their parents.

  • Use black and yellow light bulbs to highlight the boundary of your yard and various other things set up in the backyard. These lights will together create a eerie effect. You can replace your regular bulbs with black bulbs.
  • You can now make a human or zombie like dummy with the help of some old clothes. You can make a dummy using a pair of jeans, sweatshirts, gloves and a mask. These items will make your dummy look like a zombie. You can place this dummy on a chair in different positions.
  • You can install fake cobwebs in different areas of your yard.
  • Using a hanging Halloween decorationis a great idea. You can pick a hanging Pumpkin scarecrow from Costumes For Halloween and a hanging bag of rats with sound by Grandin Road.
  • You can place a plastic skeleton right in the middle of the yard. This skeleton will really give the desired look to your yard. Along with this, you can use outdoor witch décorto make your yard spooky. You can purchase a standing witch with light up lantern or a jointed witch cutout from BuyCostumes.
  • You can make fake gravestones from cardboards. Simply cut a cardboard in the shape of a gravestone and write a name on it using a black sketch pen.
  • Play scary sounds using a CD.  Such CDs are easily available online as well as in supermarkets. They add to the mood and give the final touch to your scary Halloween yard.

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How to make a monster mask

Filed in Home & Garden

"little monsters" | by tea.. (http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2043/2395450868_7a3b559afc.jpg) via Creative Commons











Whether you are preparing for a school play, Halloween, or just a fun Saturday at home, creating a monster mask with your child will keep them busy, let you spend quality time together, and serve as a creative outlet.

Getting started

If you have already purchased a monster mask craft kit, then many of the supplies you will need to create your mask will already be included. These items include a mask mold, markers, paint, or craft clay. If you are making one from scratch, you can choose your own supplies to create your own unique mask. For example, you can paint a 3 oz paper cup to and glue it to your mask to be your monster’s nose. If you use two, they can be the base for horns. Here are some custom mask ideas:

Paper bag monster

By taking a brown paper grocery bag, you can easily create a paper mask. This type of mask can be wrapped around your child’s face and fastened in the back by masking tape or thread. Measure around your child’s head, and make sure to add a couple of inches so that the mask can comfortably be adjusted. After you’ve cut holes for the eyes, your child can use markers, feathers, paint, or whatever they choose to decorate their mask.

Shaggy monster

If you have a plastic face mask, this will create a great base to create a shaggy monster mask. You can cut 2 inch pieces of yarn and glue one side of the yarn in bunches to imitate a shaggy hair appearance. Using construction paper to create a mouth with sharp teeth would add to the scary effect.

Masquerade masks

Masquerade masks are really convenient to use since many already come with elastic string for easy wearing. You can create scary designs on the plastic part of the mask, and then add fabric that drapes down over the rest of the face.

Since masks can be made out of paper, cardboard, plastic, clay, and other materials, you and your child can get creative when making your monster mask. What did you and your child choose to do for your monster mask?


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How to make a business mail organizer

Filed in Home & Garden

mail cubbies via Amazon.com
Organization is key when working in an office setting or managing a lot of documents. With so many documents coming in everyday, life can become insane if an easy work flow system is not maintained. If you are running an office from home, two products that will streamline this process for you and provide systematic organization of the documents are a business mail organizer and business mail cubbies. A business mail cubby will help organize documents for different departments and a business mail organizer will help prevent the stress of searching for important documents.
There are two different ways to design a mail organizer or mail cubbies on a budget with some creativity:

Mail Organizers

All you need to make a quick and handy mail organizer is suction cup hooks and heavy duty envelopes. Attach the suction cup hooks to the wall, window or a desk. Now hang the heavy duty envelope into the hook. Make sure to have sufficient spacing between the suction cup hooks to accommodate the envelopes. You can reinforce the envelopes with clear tapes to make the whole built sturdy. Now add the relevant papers to each envelope according to your classification.

Mail Cubbies

Get four to six cereal boxes of same size. Cut off the top and tape the cereal boxes together with a duct tape, glue or stapler. Take the cereal box and place it flat with the opening facing you. Enhance the look of this unit by covering with a colored construction paper, cardboard, aluminum foil or photos.You are ready with a mail cubby to add your paper according to a category.

While a DIY organizer might seem cheap, it is a great money and time saver when you are working on a budget and still looking for organization.


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