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How to install tiles easily in your home

peel and stick tile,red ceramic tile Creative Commons | juhansonin Juhan Sonin (

Is your weekend around the corner? If yes, then you must find a good project for yourself. Weekends are great for enjoyment and household chores. So why not this weekend give your bathroom, kitchen and other rooms a new look with a nice peel and stick tile. Totally easy to install, these tiles are available online in a vast variety. Here are some steps which will help you install these tiles.

  • Decide the pattern

First of all, it is important to decide the pattern of your peel and stick tile. You can decide the pattern according to your room’s décor. For instance, peel and stick tiles by Improvements will be a good option for a medium or big room. These self-stick carpet tiles help you make your living room and bedroom more stunning than ever before. These 12″ x 12″ residential carpet squares are easy to stick. You can use it in your basement, playroom or enclosed porch. All you have to do is to peel off the tile’s backing, pressing the carpet squares down on a surface and you are done. Perfect for high traffic areas, these tiles are easy to remove. You can check out an American Olean and a Daltile red ceramic tile online if you like accent color tiles. These tiles will be a perfect choice if you want to give your place a royal look.

  • Cut the tiles and set them in the right place

It’s great if you have already cut tiles. You can cut tiles out of your peel and stick material with scissors. It is better to measure each tile before cutting it.  You have the option to can cut out tiles of same dimensions according to the space available. In order to do this, use a pencil to mark lines on the back side of your peel and stick material. This will help you cut tiles of right size.

  • Peel off the backing of your tiles and paste them on the floor

Once you have cut your tiles in the right shape and right size, you can peel off their backing and stick them on the floor. You must press the tile firmly in order to make it look flat. Now you can flaunt your floor with your stylish peel and stick tiles.

How to make an original vase with rope

How to make an original vase with rope

Sprinkle the home of pretty flowers by making a unique vase with ropes and recycled tin cans. A original DIY for Deco chic table or elegant bedside table and flowers for almost nothing!

It is time to decorate the house with beautiful flowers and we think about decorative ideas that will change the traditional glass or porcelaine vase. For this, we manufacture unique vases and great decor using recycling items, it’s cheap and stylish too! With this DIY found on Pinterest, ultra easy, discover how to quickly make a vase . You only need a coil of rope and a tin can . Add pretty flowers in your vase and presto, here’s a nice decor to exhibit on the dining table, on your desktop or on your bedside table for a successful deco, fresh and flowery!

How to make an original vase with rope

A vase to achieve with a box of recycled tin can and rope

How to make an original vase with rope
To start, get yourself a box of a recycled tin can of the size you want. Take a few feets of rope or purchase one at the store. Choose a natural fiber rope like in this this post  or select a colored cord if you want to match the color of your vase to a color already present in the room. The important thing is that the rope is easy to handle.

How to make an original vase with rope
Wrap the rope properly and securely around your metal box by fixing the end with a dot of glue on the box. Tighten and feel free to add some  glue on the edges in order to keep the rope in place around the can. Let dry a few minutes.

Personalized vase for a unique decor

How to make an original vase with rope
Finally, fill your vase with pretty seasonal flowers to decorate your home. Put your vase on your table in the dinner room when you host guests for a discreet and refined décor, and then expose your flowers on your bedside table to decorate your room. You can change the flowers to match your mood, practical!

A decorative idea easy to perform, very cheap and easy to do, which will put the good mood in your home!

Give the gift of home decorating

throw blanket gift Creative Commons | reiner.kraft (


The holidays are over but the fun of home decoration never ends. It is now tome to update your home and to get rid of all of the Christmas decorations. Some throw blankets and some creative ideas can help you decorate your place. You can also choose a stunning throw blanket gift for your friends and help them redecorate their homes after Christmas is over. Here are some tips which may help you beautify your home.

Decorate your living room with some throw blankets

Use a solid or printed throw to decorate your living room’s sofa. Take a complimenting throw blanket and lift off the sofa’s cushions. Now open the throw blanket and place it right in the middle of the sofa. Make sure you pick a blanket that doesn’t cover the whole breadth of your sofa. The blanket should leave equal space on its right and left. Pick some simple and solid Chenille throws available at Things Remembered. These throws come in various solid colors. They are baby-soft and wooly, having a distinctive texture. Keep this blanket’s hem under the cushions. Make sure it is not visible from the front. The blanket should look like a part of your sofa. So, make sure it hugs the sofa tightly. To finish off, put some throw pillows on the sofa. Use a Family Tree throw to decorate the living room chairs. Pick one of these and let your parents or grandparents be proud of the family they have created. These richly colored and personalized throws are perfect for a dining room or bedroom chair.

Decorate your bedroom with long and warm throw blankets

You can decorate your bed with a long Snuggle Fleece Argyle throw blanket. This is a cuddly blanket that keeps your bedroom super warm. Featuring the ultra soft comfort and coziness, this blanket is perfect for sleeping, snuggling, watching TV, reading etc. It comes with a pretty pink and blue argyle design with white contrast stitching. It has an attached pocket which helps you fold it easily and to use it as a pillow. Just fold this blanket and keep it on the bottom of your bed. Don’t forget to pick a longer and printed throw blanket as well. You can place it just above the first one. This will make your bedroom more colorful and comfy.

Decorate your kid’s room with a suitable blanket

You can decorate your kid’s room with a blanket regardless of his/her age. Go for A Mother’s Love throw available at Things Remembered if your kid is a teenager or younger. Hang this blanket on the wall or drape it over an antique chair. You can pick the Graduate personalized fleece blanket to surprise your newly graduate kid. Available at PersonalizationMall, this throw blanket gift comes with your kid’s name and the graduation year.

How to make fun shaped pasta and desserts


pasta roller Right: “valentine brownies” | by lagotic (; Left : “Ravioli” | by Markus Reuter ( via Creative Commons

If you want to spruce things up for your next dinner or get-together that you are hosting, making fun shaped ravioli for dinner and cupcakes for dessert will surely bring a smile to your guests’ faces. Here’s how you can make these delectable dishes:

Ravioli Shapes

Since ravioli does need to be sealed, using shapes like stars or horseshoes would not be practical and can make cooking them difficult. Ravioli stamps are available in circles, squares and even triangles and rectangles so creating a medley of these shapes in your dish will definitely be noticed! Follow these steps:

  1. After you have made your pasta dough, run it through your pasta roller to create your sheets of ravioli dough.
  2. Brush egg wash all over one sheet of ravioli dough to act as glue.
  3. Use a tablespoon to scoop the filling you have made onto the same sheet with egg was. Place as many tablespoons as you can on the sheet while giving enough room in between them to allow your ravioli stamps accurately cut your ravioli shape.
  4. Place another sheet of ravioli dough onto your sheet that has filling, and press down the sheet around the filling to make for a clean edge when cutting the ravioli
  5. Use your ravioli stamps in the shapes you’ve chosen and cut out the pieces of ravioli.  You can create semi-circles by using half the amount of filling per ravioli and folding circle shaped ravioli in half. If you want to take an extra step to secure the filling, you can press the ravioli’s edges down with a fork.

Now your fun shaped ravioli is ready to be cooked and enjoyed!

Fun shaped desserts

For dessert, you can bake sweet treats like brownies or mini cakes in shapes like stars, flowers, and hearts by using a silicone baking mold. They also come in seasonal shapes like four-leaf clovers, Christmas trees, and Easter eggs so you can create your own collection to use for holiday events!

What are your favorite shapes to work with when cooking tasty treats?

Easy ways to organize your school supplies

spacemaker pencil box Creative Commons | EvelynGiggles (

Students juggle with studies, homework and leisure. Some kids may make excuses to avoid their school work. One of the main reasons behind this is that school work sometimes doesn’t seem interesting to kids. You can make your kid’s school work more interesting with some affordable and attractive school supplies. Proper school supplies can fetch higher grades for your kid because these items allow him to pick and use the right thing at the right time without wasting time. Here are some ideas that can help you cheer your children for school work. These ideas can also help you organize all the school supplies.

  • Create a study room or spot at home

Elementary school kids require things like crayons, markers and pencils whereas college students need things like pens, pencils etc. Therefore, you must create a study spot for your kid. You can use some chairs and large table for this. This helps you keep the school supplies at one place. You can use the table’s drawers to store some pencils, pens and erasers. You can also use different jars to store these things if your table doesn’t have drawers. Creating a study room or spot helps your kid perform and concentrate properly. Every elementary school and college student needs some school supplies.

  • Choose a spacious pencil box

Elementary as well as college students can pick some nice pencil boxes according to their age. For instance frosted plastic pencil boxes from PrintGlobe will be ideal for college students. These pencil boxes are simple and sophisticated. Available in various attractive colors, they allow you to store all your stationary items including pens, pencils, rulers, protractors etc. You can take this compact pencil box to your college every single day. You can pick a rubbermaid spacemaker 12 compartment art supply station from Pens N More if you want a more spacious box that could store your calculator. This spacemaker pencil box is suitable for elementary as well as college students. It provides you accessible storage for your scissors, crayons, markers, glue and more. Featuring eight large and divided compartments, this is a spacious spacemaker pencil box that comes with a removable four-compartment center bucket.