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Craft Corners have hundreds of DIY projects and craft ideas to inspire you with stitching, handmade jewelry and recycled crafts. We also like sharing ideas for Home & Garden or your Art & Design projects.

We also like to help you prepare unique decoration for special events such as birthday, Halloween, wedding or other family celebrations. Anything made of fabric, wood, plastic, glass, metal can be turned into something amazing.

We happily welcome guest bloggers to write about their favorite crafts. We would be glad to publish your crafts here ; also we regularly publish “the Best of the Web” craft on our website. Contact us! We have crafty corners!

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Best of the Web No. 8

Craft Corners Best of the Web

For this weeks Best of the Web we have another great bunch of bloggers. Each of these blogs feature amazing bloggers, features, and crafts. We even have a blogger who works with glass and creates some really amazing pieces. That is not something you see every day! This week, our bloggers come from all over the world. We have one blogger from India and a few from England as well! Each of these bloggers really makes some amazing work. We hope you find some great ideas from each of this weeks bloggers!


I work with glass and a range of salvaged textures to produce wall-hangings, glass work layered over inky illustrations and jewelry . My work is created from fragments of memories, experiences and images, of light and texture and color. Papermice is my sketchbook, a place where I chart my journey, progress, frustrations (often!), things that inspire me and my  irritatingly slow progress. -Kathryn

Id Rather be in India

My blog came into being four years ago, as a visual diary for myself, friends and students. India has fascinated me since I was a child. I visit at least once a year. So much inspiration from textiles to architecture, and, of course, color. I have been fortunate to spend time with dyers, stitchers and block printers who generously gave their time and answered many questions! -Tiggy

Enchanted Ladybug Creations

My Blog is called Enchanted Ladybug creations..My Moms nickname for me has always been Ladybug and I’ve pretty much been crafty since childhood, she would always tell me Ladybug, you make the most enchanting So the Name just made Here you will mostly find my current love /obsession with card making, paper-crafting and learning new techniques, that I share along the way.  I Love a great many different styles and love to share my learning journey with all of them in hopes that I might inspire other fellow crafty minded folks and bring a smile to their faces in the process. -Shannon

Sarah Wright Designs

My blog is dedicated to all things crafty! I have always had a passion for card-making, incorporating various techniques. So I decided to put my ideas to good use and teach others what I love. I hold four card-making and scrap-booking lessons each week. Two years ago I joined the blogging world and have been addicted ever since! I post new card ideas nearly every day, as well as altered art projects. I also sell my creations on Etsy, and will soon be opening up my on-line store, Please come and check it out in the near future! :) -Sarah

Silly Stitching

As it says in my header, the blog contains the thoughts and meanderings of a retired teacher who enjoys quilting in the land of good enough. I do write about quilting but often veer off and write observations of people, events and memento’s that pop into my head. It is somewhat like the little boy in The Family Circus cartoon. Many stops along the way. I share the quilting of my friends in the Good Enough Quilters and also quilting projects of my own. I also share other craft projects like the box seen in the picture above. That was a really fun project. I love having the outlet to share these things with others and equally enjoy reading other blogs. -Nancy

13 Woodhouse Road

Hi. I am Shruti. Born in India. Studied to be an Architect. Started my practice. Took a break. Got married. Started practice again. Took a break. Had a lovely kid Aadi. Started job. Took a break. Learned to quilt. And now nothing breaks except my thread. My blog, 13 Woodhouse Road, is not only a display of the quilts I make, but is an insight into my journey as a quilter, and even as a mother. Living in India and not getting the usual quilting supplies easily has been a task that I have managed to overcome! Ive even started an India Modern Quilt Guild! Come and join me on this journey! -Shruti

There you have it for this week! Many of us crafters find ourselves starting to make our own clothing. It may just be for fun, but it is always great when you can wear pieces that you have made. For those of us who don’t have mannequins readily available to us, some wire dress forms are a nice way to practice our clothing making abilities. They are relatively inexpensive considering how long they will last you, and may be just what you need to get your fashion juices flowing! Until next week, take care.

How to make a Decorative Wall plate

decorative wall plate image via creative commons| thekirbster

Decorative plates are a great way to express your personal style and choice. They are simple to make, so give your creativity a leap and make whatever you want with them. With a little skill, thought and inspiration, you can turn any image that inspires you into a piece of art. Display your talent for others to appreciate. Here is how to make a decorative wall plate.

Material needed:
  • Clear plate
  • A picture
  • Foam brushes
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint
  • Decorative wall plate holders, wall plate rack


  1. Buy a clear plate from a crafts store. These plates are available in different sizes, so pick the one that you wish to you. On the other hand, if it a wall project, then pick different sizes in a pattern you want to display on the wall.
  2. Then select a picture to use for the project. This could be anything that you like family photos, nature, animals, a pattern etc. You can also choose a assortment of photos to display.
  3. Now using the computer, crop or enlarge the size you want. Print out the paper copy of the photo/photos. Trim the photos, if needed.
  4. On the back-end of the plate, use a foam brush to evenly spread, a layer of Mod Podge.
  5. Position the photo in the center of the plate and bring it at eye level to ensure that the photo is placed and positioned correctly.
  6. Use the foam brush to release out any bubbles between the photo and plate. After that cover the entire photo with another layer of Mod Podge and let it sit till Mod Podge dries out.
  7. Once dry, choose a decided color to paint the plate. When the paint dries up, coat it with Mod Podge to protect the paint.
  8. When it is totally dry, you are ready to hang the plate. If it a single plate, a wall plate rack would be fine. But if you have done it like a wall project, choose some decorative wall plate holders to display your selection.

Do share your experience doing this. Or if you have already done this, share your method with us.

DIY no-sew scarf

Recycled knit Scarf Recycled Silk Scarf by Diane Wellman ( via Creative Commoms

If you’re not as crochet or knit savvy as some others, you’ll surely be in luck with this fun, DIY no-sew scarf tutorial. This quick and easy 10 minute DIY scarf is a fun and creative way to design something unique and you’ll most likely be able to complete this project in under 10 minutes! Believe it or not, you won’t be needing any sort of knitting or crochet needles for this yarn craft. And the best part about this no-sew, non-crochet, non-knit tutorial is that anyone can make it!

What you’ll need:

 What to do:

  1. Set your bar stools side by side and tape the end of your yarn to the stool, leaving a 2” yarn tail.
  2. Wrap the yarn all the way around the stool. I’ve found that using kitchen chairs or bar stools can make the perfect double (and possibly triple) infinity scarf.
  3. Wrap the material around the chairs to a thickness of your liking. To get the best out of your beautiful variegated baby yarn, you may have to wrap your yarn around a couple of times.
  4. Once you’ve determined the thickness of the scarf, carefully remove your scarf from the bar stools and lay it down on a flat surface. Make sure your two loose ends are in the same place (if not, cut one end so they match up).
  5. Cut a piece of yarn (roughly 4” long) and tie a double knot around the entire scarf, securing your two loose ends.
  6. Trim the yarn tails to approximately 1” each.
  7. Using a double knot, secure the remainder of your skein approximately 1” from the knot you just tied in order to secure the scarf.
  8. Wrap all loose ends. Finish your wrap by tying a double knot around the scarf. Wrapping approximately 2” at the ends will secure the whole scarf.
  9. Optional: For added embellishments, you can cut a tail at each end of the scarf approximately 3-4” long. Finger weave the yarn tail to avoid the material from being tangled.

I like to twist the scarf and then wrap it around my neck two or three times depending on how eclectic I’m feeling. This no-sew, non-knit project is probably one of the quickest crafts you can design. It also makes for the perfect going out accessory or gift. The variegated baby yarn will give you a pop of color that’ll brighten up your day. So with just 10 minutes of your time, why not squeeze in this fun way of designing your own scarf to your crafts to-do list?