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Decorate your own wine glasses for any event!

 plastic goblet Image via Creative Commons by wizardofozgurl ( via Creative Commons

I am organizing my best friend’s bridal shower and wanted to do something fun and creative for the event. Finally after hours of thinking I came up with the idea of decorating our own wine glasses or even for the event. If you don’t want to use real glass for this craft, a plastic goblet would work great too.

The best part was that the wine glass would work fantastically as a favor to take home after the shower as well. An added advantage is definitely that no more stressing of glasses getting mixed as you can easily keep track of your decorated glass for the night.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Clean the wine glasses, making sure you have one per guest
  2. Draw a figure or a character that you might what. Print different sizes of the same since you might need to do it a couple of times to get the accurate size.
  3. Tape the cut out inside the glass and trace the character out on the outside. Can’t be easier right?
  4. Now it is  painting time! You can use a toothpick to paint the edges. Snipping up the edge of the toothpick might make it simpler too.  The advantage of a toothpick is to get the least amount of paint in the places you need it. A wet towel is something you might consider to keep handy in case you make a mistake. As you progress, remember to keep the surface area dry before you can start painting again
  5. A great idea would be to paint the bottoms of the glass as well. Maybe you could write a message or your name and date to remember this amazing party!
  6. After your painting is done, place the wine glass in a cool oven. The temperature should be around 300-350 degrees and the cooking time would be around 30 minutes
  7. Once you take the glasses out, let them cool completely.
  8. Now crack open a bottle of something delicious and bubbly and have a great time with your new, one of a kind, wine glasses!

Who said paint was the only option? You could take something as simple and attractive as a ribbon and tie it to the stem. I’ve also seen people do some

How to make a Shabby Chic Flatware Caddy

 new silverwear for fun by Jo Naylor ( via creative


Keeping my everyday silverware handy is something that I like to do, and with a decorative silverware caddy I can keep it on the table or bring it outside for picnics. This works so well for me because I can keep my nicer silver flatware packed away for special occasions and easily reach for my everyday set. 

There was a silver platter that I had purchased several years ago and used it all this while for my everyday flatware. At most times I would keep a napkin or vintage linen inside it, however it would get dirty so fast it wasn’t worth doing. Now I have decided to change to burlap since its so much in fashion along with it being inexpensive.

Let me tell you how I made the flatware caddy insert with it. The materials you need:

  • A length of burlap that is cut into a square that will fit your specific flatware caddy
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Rubber band
  • And embellishment that you would like to decorate your caddy with

The process that I followed was:

  • I placed the burlap inside the container and gathered the excess in the front of the container.
  • I used a rubber band or a ponytail holder to tie the burlap after putting it together.
  • Use a nice ribbon over the rubber band to cover it. In fact putting an embellishment over the ribbon might be a good idea, you could use anything from a brooch to a flower.
  • The flower can be poked through the burlap and flipped out of the back such that it is secured.

Not only does this entire concoction provide a great look, it works out to be rather inexpensive and easy too. It looks like a rather smart and chic flatware caddy. Despite it being cloth, you can change it often too if it gets dirty. In fact it would be a great way to decorate it and present it to someone special!

Upcycled Craft Desk Organizer

craft desk Creative Commons | (

A craft organizer can not only keep your craft supplies organized but it can also keep your room cleaner. You don’t have to buy a craft organizer. Instead, you can create a personalized craft organizer with the help of some cardboard boxes. Here are some items you will need to make a good organizer.

  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • A shoe box’s lid
  • Empty cardboard boxes of different sizes
  • Decorative tape
  • Decorative paper or fabric
  • Black marker

Following these steps will help you create a great craft organizer:

1. Find a strong shoe box’s lid

Pick a strong lid and use it as the base of your craft organizer. The lid should be strong enough to hold all your craft supplies and dividers. If your shoe box’s lid is not strong enough then make it stiff with the help of a cardboard piece. Measure the lid’s width and length and cut out a cardboard piece of the same measurements. Paste this piece on the outer or inner side of the lid.

2. Pick some empty cardboard boxes and adjust all of them on the lid’s inner side

You can pick the cardboard boxes of cereal, soap bars and various other items. Pick small as well as large boxes and place them on the inner side of the lid. Make sure all of them fit well with each other. Making this kind of adjustment might take a while.

3. Decorate the cardboard boxes and the lid

Once you have decided the place for each box, take a black marker and mark their space. Afterwards, take out the boxes and cut all their flaps. Decorate paste decorative paper or fabric on all the boxes. Also, paste a solid black paper or fabric on the outer side of the lid.

4. Place the decorated cardboard boxes on the lid and fill them up with craft supplies

Place all the cardboard boxes on the lid and you are done. Put all the craft items in the cardboard boxes.

5. Place the lid on a desk

Pick a good craft desk and place your craft organizer on it. This will help you to keep your crafts items handy while making crafts. A craft desk can also help you to make your crafts without breaking your back. You can check out some mobile craft desks available at Walmart. They feature drawers and a lot of flat surface for craft making.

Resurfacing your wooden furniture

two-door hand painted chest  "li9015-antique-chinese-altar-console-table" | by Silk Road Colletion ( via Creative Commons

Everyone has them – that bruised, wooden coffee table or that tired-looking wooden vanity. We all have an old, bulky piece of wooden furniture that may have been in the family for years, and while the wood is still in great condition, its outer coat could use some remodeling. Here we will show a few simple steps to turn that two-door hand painted chest into a shiny new piece of furniture.

Supplies needed:

  • Sand paper
  • Electric sander (depends on furniture size)
  • Wood stain in your choice of color
  • Polyester paint brushes (ranges from 1 to 4 inches)
  • Patina paint
  • Wood varnish of your choice for finishing


Step 1: Sand your furniture

In order to create a clear canvas to work on, you must rid your furniture’s surface of any old varnish, paint, or tiny imperfections such as scratches dents. You can use sand paper to rub everything off your wood, or you can use an electric sander to speed up the process if your piece of furniture is large. Once you are done clearing your canvas, the original wood of the furniture should be bare and read to be worked on.

Step 2: Stain your wood

Take your polyester paint brush and dip it into your stain color which you have previously stirred to allow for even distribution of color. Once again, depending on the size of your furniture piece, choose a brush size accordingly. Stain wood with an even layer and access if you want to apply more layers after to darken the color. Usually three layers of stain give good coverage.

Step 3: Add creative touches (optional)

If you want to add unique and custom touches to your furniture piece, you can use patina paint or bronze paint to add into the creases or edges of your furniture as highlights.   In the rustic table pictured above, you can see how the faint teal colored splotches across the furniture is patina paint or varnish.

Step 4: Finish the surface

Apply wood varnish to the top of your table to seal in the stain and paint used when decorating. Allow it to dry for a day.

Now you can enjoy your new piece of furniture, knowing that you resurfaced it yourself!

Best of the Web No. 7

Craft Corners Best of the Web, wire cube organizer

This week’s Craft Corners Best of the Web is jam packed full of amazing crafters. This week we have bloggers that come from all different backgrounds, and post about all sorts of different things. We have an art and illustration blog, a blog about furniture design, scrapbooking albums,  quilting, and fabric dyeing. Each of these blogs is a blast to look through and before you know it, you will have spent hours getting lost in them! Just click on the blog titles to get the the blogs, and find some great crafting ideas!

Amanda Laurel Atkins in a Canary Forest


atkins calm below wm

My blog has become a kind of documentation of my entire art career. I began this blog my junior year of art school and it’s been a labor of love ever since. It tells the story of everything I’ve been through art-wise (and otherwise) and feels like the little “house” that holds my Etsy shop, portfolio, and so on. I post my paintings, sketchbook drawings, and photos of my travels and findings. In addition to posting my own art, I like to keep a running log of all the things that inspire me – vintage clothes, old authors and actresses, animals, beautiful pictures, and Boston. It’s led me to some amazing friendships. -Amanda

551 East Furniture Design



Here at 551 East we believe that furniture helps make a house a home. It gives a place to gather, to build memories, to listen and to live. We take furniture that is no longer wanted, and transform it into something beautiful for your home. -Julia

Dream, Create, and Share


Dream, Create and Share…where dreamin’ up ideas, creating fun projects and sharing them with you is the goal. I mostly create scrapbooking mini albums, but am not limited to just albums. Sometimes I share free tutorials but you can also purchase PDF tutorials on the projects I do. -Tammy

Count it *all* Joy


Count it *all* Joy!!! is my space to blog about quilting and crafting, with a very healthy dose of life tossed in for good measure.  Especially now that grandbabies are in the picture!  I love quilting and the joy it gives me and I enjoy sharing the processes, tools, fabrics and ideas that I have.  Being a full-time RVer adds to the spice and craziness of it all.  I am blessed beyond measure and try to share that in my (semi) daily journaling. -Denise


Alamosa Quilter



Alamosa Quilter is my little corner of the internet where I share things I am working on and things I find interesting. Occasionally I share a recipe or some family happenings, but mainly it is about quilting and sewing. I make both traditional quilts and art quilts and enjoy both hand and machine quilting. I try to make and donate one charity quilt per month and share links to and tutorials of good charity quilt patterns. I also love bags and have a growing collection of bags I have made as well as patterns of bags I’d like to make.  -Lynn

If you are a parent who crafts, you probably have already learned that your little ones like to craft as well. Since they probably don’t have as many supplies as you do, you can consider getting them an art caddy to hold all their things. They are the perfect size for kids and are perfect for organizing paint supplies, yarn, or anything else your little crafter may need!