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Best of the Web No. 23

Craft Corners Best of the Web, wire cube organizer

Crafts are for everyone to enjoy. It’s amazing what you can craft with recycled goods and materials around your home! Each one of this week’s features are full of amazing, entertaining, and heartfelt crafts perfect for anyone of any age. With the arrival of summer, enjoy your downtime with unlimited fun and learning with these super quick crafts. These crafts are great ideas for summertime arts and crafts. Show your kids how to use their imaginations with these easy-to-do tutorials!




Meadowbrook is the first place I remember living as a little girl.  The name sparks happy memories of my childhood which include my mother teaching me to embroider at 5 years of age, my aunt teaching me to cross stitch at 9, and learning to quilt at 18.  Meadowbrook the blog is a place for me to share my love of all things handmade, whether it be knit, crocheted, cross stitched, embroidered, or quilted.  The more I share my projects with others the more inspired I am in my creative endeavors.  Please join me at Meadowbrook. – Kristen

Janet’s Joy


1I started my blog, Janet’s Joy, to share my craft of scrapbooking. It is very aptly named since this craft definitely gives me joy. On my blog you will find scrapbook pages, cards and some altered art that I have created for all my design team duties. You can find links to these sites on my blog where you can also find my tutorials and step by step instructions. You will find me every day creating in my scraproom in Ontario, Canada. It has really become an obsession for me and of course brings me “joy”. I hope that you will stop by and say hello :) – Janet

Little Miss Littleness


29551335480_a19081cec3Hi there, my name is Chari and I like to make bright and happy cards. You will find my creations are typically cute and fun and have a whimsical style. I like incorporating cute images, fun sentiments and bright colors. I enjoy sharing projects that will hopefully brighten someone’s day. My favorite part of crafting is trying new things, learning how to look at my supplies in a different way and being inspired by others. I started my blog in December 2010 as an outlet for my creativity away from my everyday job, and since then I have made many friends and joined some wonderful design teams. – Chari


Zack’s Nana’s Creative Imagination


My blog is one of my creative outlets. I like to include posts about cards I’ve made and new techniques I am trying out. I also like to feature posts about my life, from my family to my friends to a good book I’ve read or even a new recipe I’ve tried. I speak of where I am from and where I live. My hope is that through my blog I can inspire someone, even if it is just one person. – Betty

Hand Stamped Style


Howdy! I am Erin Gonzales, and I LOVE paper crafting! I have a passion for card making and scrapbooking and a NEW fondness for digital crafting as well! I share many of my creations on my little blog for all to enjoy.  I have been crafting with paper since 2007 and love to help others find their happiness in paper crafting. It is one of my happiest moments when someone tries paper crafting for the first time and is bitten by the crafting bug. I hope that you find a bit of inspiration by visiting my blog and join me in the art of paper and digital crafting. – Erin




My name is Marelle Taylor and I’ve been papercrafting for over 15 years. I’ve been a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator for the past six of those, a community that I love being part of. I started my blog, thINKspot, as a way to share my papercraft creations with the world. I’d love you to stop by, and I hope my creations inspire you to create and share your own work. Happy stamping! – Marelle




With all these amazing craft tutorials, all your crafting can get carried away with all the necessary tools, accessories and embellishments you may have to complete your projects. A canvas craft duffle will help keep your tools in place whether you’re stationed at home or plan to travel and share your wonderful craft ideas with others. We hope you’ve found inspiration with these one-of-a-kind craft designs. Till next time, happy crafting!

How to decorate your yard with pumpkins


 One of our favorite holidays around here on Craft Corners is Halloween. That’s simply because there are so many fantastic decorating ideas! And one of the old classics for Halloween time is decorating your yard with the seasons most popular flora, the pumpkin. We’ll be giving you a few quick tips on how you can easily make sure that  your yard is not only festive, but ready for any trick-or-treaters.

What you need

What to do

  • First, you have to get yourself some pumpkins of course! Every year I always go out to pumpkin patches to get my own pumpkin to not only have on my front porch but to carve as well. It’s fun to make a day out of it, bring your family, your significant other or simply a best friend and have a great time picking out the best pumpkins and laughing at the worst ones.
  • After you have your pumpkin you can take the next step of carving or you can simply have the orange vegetable sitting at your door step. Make sure that you have a pumpkin carving kit with stencils and all the tools you need.
  • After you have your finished pumpkin you should have the pumpkin sitting on top of a small dish that you don’t necessarily care about so in case if the pumpkin starts going bad you don’t want it sitting on your door step like that. We suggest something like a tray that you normally put under a potted plant that normally catches water. Place in your tea light and you have the best pumpkin around town.
  • Another fun idea other than carving the pumpkin is simply engraving the outside of it. Take a permanent marker and using a similar stencil that you had and write in your initials or someone else’s initials and you have a classy looking festive addition to your decorations.
What I love most about decorating your yard for Halloween is there’s never any question from trick-or-treaters whether or not you’re handing out candy. It’s always a good idea to have some type of Halloween decoration so they won’t pass by your house.

Those are our ideas for making sure that you’re completely set for the year’s spookiest holidays. What’s your favorite part of Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

How to be the walking dead

white out halloween contact lenses,boy zombie costume Creative Commons | By Bob Jagendorf (

Halloween is around the corner and excitement is in the air! Choosing a good Halloween costume can be a challenging especially if you want to look unique. You can look distinct even in the common outfits if you use your outfit and makeup creatively. One great idea is transforming into the walking dead this Halloween. Here are some of the tools which you’ll need to gather up before getting ready for this look.
  • White contact lenses
  • Red water color/corn syrup/pancake syrup
  • Eye shadow
  • Baby powder
  • Foundation

Follow the under mentioned steps and you will be able to look like a real Zombie or living dead.

  • Pick baggy clothes

You can pick some baggy clothes for this project. Don’t go for the latest clothing items because they will not give you a realistic look. Moreover, they will get stained and ruined. Girls can pick an old and baggy night gown whereas boys can go for bigger size tees and jeans. If you want a more intense look then you can pick a dramatic Halloween costume. You can pick a ghost face boy zombie costume or a bonehead costume that will be perfect to bring the look together.

  • Wear white contact lenses

You can now wash your face and wear your white out Halloween contact lenses. If you don’t have white contacts, you can buy them easily online. You can pick a pair of lenses having a jet black background or lenses with white background. White Out Sclera contacts with black background will definitely look more dramatic. You can use these lenses for Halloween celebrations, theatrical performances and costume parties. They have 38 percent water content which provides refreshing moisture to your eyes.

  • Apply makeup

Firstly, apply a coat of foundation on your face, neck and arms. Now put some baby powder on this coat. The talc and foundation will give you a dull and pale look. Once you have done this, you can apply black, red or brown eye shadow around your eyes. The foundation will help your eye shadow and talc to stay on your skin for a long time. Afterwards, you can make blood stains on your face and clothes with pancake syrup or red food color.

Create your own cat Halloween costume


leopard print boots Creative Commons | Brooke Raymond |

Meow! This Halloween some of us might not have tons of extra cash to buy a $60 costume to wear only once. Or maybe you do, but you are just feeling a little creative anyway. Either way let’s make our own costumes this year! I have a few tips on how to make a very easy and inexpensive cat costume.

Pick out a few pieces from your closet such as a black shirt, black skirt, black pants or tights that would easily work for a cat costume. Then add a pair of leopard print boots which will complement your costume, but are also reusable with your everyday outfits. Now all you need to do is make the tail and ears!

Here’s what you need:


-Black and pink markers

-Hot glue gun


-Glue stick

-White paper


-Cotton balls

-Black tights

-Safety pin

Here’s how you make the ears:

  1. Take your cardboard and draw triangles whatever size you want the cat ears to be. Cut the triangles out.
  2. Trace one of the triangles on the white paper four times. Cut out the four white triangles and paste them on both sides of both of your pieces of cardboard.
  3. Use the markers to color the ears black and pink in middle on one side.
  4. Hot glue the ears to your headband.

Here’s how you make the tail:

  1. Take an old pair of your black tights.
  2. Cut them in half. Keep one half to make the tail
  3. Fill the tight with as much cotton as you want.
  4. Then just safety pin the open end together, and use the safety pin to attach the tail to your pants or skirt when it’s time to put the costume on.

Happy Halloween! Meow!

Make your yard Halloween ready



If you really want to make this Halloween a memorable one then don’t forget to make your house the creepiest one. Here are some items which will help you make your yard ready for this Halloween.

  • Black and yellow light bulbs
  • A zombie like dummy
  • Cardboards
  • Black sketch pen
  • Hanging decorations
  • A plastic skeleton
  • A wooden chair
  • Fake cobwebs
  • CDs with scary sounds

You can follow the following steps to create the spookiest Halloween yard of your block. These steps will help you set up a yard which will provide spooky fun to kids as well as their parents.

  • Use black and yellow light bulbs to highlight the boundary of your yard and various other things set up in the backyard. These lights will together create an eerie effect. Also, you may replace your regular bulbs with black bulbs.
  • You can now make a human or zombie like dummy with the help of some old clothes. You can make a dummy using a pair of jeans, sweatshirts, gloves and a mask. These items will make your dummy look like a zombie. You can place this dummy on a chair in different positions.
  • You can install fake cobwebs in different areas of your yard.
  • Using a hanging Halloween decoration is a great idea. You can pick a hanging Pumpkin scarecrow from Costumes For Halloween and a hanging bag of rats with sound by Grandin Road.
  • You can place a plastic skeleton right in the middle of the yard. This skeleton will really give the desired look to your yard. Along with this, you can use outdoor witch décor to make your yard spooky. You can purchase a standing witch with light up lantern or a jointed witch cutout from BuyCostumes.
  • You can make fake gravestones from cardboards. Simply cut a cardboard in the shape of a gravestone and write a name on it using a black sketch pen.
  • Play scary sounds using a CD.  Such CDs are easily available online as well as in supermarkets. They add to the mood and give the final touch to your scary Halloween yard.