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Why buy when you can DIY?

Craft Corners have hundreds of DIY projects and craft ideas to inspire you with stitching, handmade jewelry and recycled crafts. We also like sharing ideas for Home & Garden or your Art & Design projects.

We also like to help you prepare unique decoration for special events such as birthday, Halloween, wedding or other family celebrations. Anything made of fabric, wood, plastic, glass, metal can be turned into something amazing. read more

How to make a wall organizer using wine corks

Cork Board

Welcome to the first official Craft Corners blog post! Today I’m going to show you how to make a super easy, fun craft you can hang anywhere in your home. Instead of throwing your corks away after drinking a bottle of wine, save them and create a simple, stylish wall organizer. Not only is it easy, but its eco-friendly because your using recycled corks and materials. read more

Painting ideas for kids

LEFT "Mummys Map - Childrens Painting" | Meggy ( RIGHT "hand print project" by woodleywonderworks ( via Creative Commons

Some adults cringe at the thought of kids using paint in the house, but it’s a fun activity for them and helps with their development and creativity. If you are worried about big messes you can always invest in some kid-friendly washable paints.

It also helps if you’re around to supervise so that you can decide how much paint to let the kiddos use at one time. Regardless, painting projects are fun for kids and can be a creative outlet for them as well! Here are a few simple painting project ideas that you can try this weekend. read more

DIY Valentine’s Day greeting cards

One of the fondest memories I can recall during my elementary years was getting Valentine’s Day gifts and card greetings from my classmates. Whether you’re a child or an adult, don’t think you’re ever too old to pass out Valentine’s Day greetings! But why not send something a bit more sincere that goes beyond the generic, store bought cartoons or paper Valentines? You can integrate some sort of threaded design to your cards to give it a more crafty touch. Read on to find ways you can make your DIY Valentine’s Day greeting card. read more

Make your own DIY candle lantern

Have you ever wondered how to give your home pleasant lighting in the summer and make it cozy in the winter? The answer is by using candle lanterns! Summer presents opportunities to have picnics and enjoy grilling at backyard barbecues. You can enjoy cooler evening temperatures while eating and talking with your friends and family in the soothing light of your candle lanterns. read more

How to send thank you cards

bulk thank you cards, 5x6 envelopes

There are many reasons that we have to send thank you cards to our friends and family. The main event being a wedding by it’s always nice to send them out for smaller events like a baby shower or even a birthday party. We’ll go over a few easy ideas on how you should handle a situation like sending out thank  you cards and what you’ll need for them. read more