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Fun with lights

Fun with lights

Fun with lights – Lights and light based projects don’t get enough love here at the Craftcorners blog, and today we’re setting out to change that. Light projects are a fun and easy way to transform any room or outdoor space, and can really creative a fantastic mood in an otherwise drab environment. To kick things off today we’re going to take a look at one such project: the light vine. We love this particular idea because it uses a very common household object in a new and unique way. In fact it’s going to give you a great excuse to dust off those Christmas lights! Let’s get started.

What You’ll Need

  • Several lengths of “icicle” style Christmas lights. For this project we recommend forgoing multi-colored lights.
  • Several boxes of push pins.
  • Optional: decorational “tops” for your lights and calligraphy pen ink for tracing.

What To Do

The main idea here is that we’re going to be emulating a “vine” growing across one of our interior walls. Instead of growing a real vine over the course of several years however, we’re going to create a fun instant vine with a little help from our Christmas lights.

You’ll want to begin by ensuring that your “vine” has access to an electrical socket – this will basically determine the location of your lighting installation.

From there you’re going to begin by creating the design for the main “stem” of your vine, ignoring the hanging icicles for now.

Once you’ve got a general trajectory planned out for your vine, you can pin it in place using your push pins (be careful not to pierce the actual wire though – cork panels can help here).

Depending on how long you want your installation to be, you can extend it with multiple lengths of Christmas lights.

After your shape is in place, you will now finish off your lighting installation by pinning the hanging icicles in a growth pattern that resembles a real vine – presto!

Turn a baby changing table into a DIY bookcase

baby changing table via merchants


Watching your little one grow up is a blissful experience – and (let’s be real) an expensive one. This is especially true when it comes to purchasing pieces of furniture that are essential when your child is a baby, only to have them end up in storage once he outgrows these items. Luckily, an easy way to breathe new life into seemingly useless pieces of furniture is to repurpose them. If you have a leftover changing table lying around, we’ll help you repurpose it by turning it into a bookcase!

What you’ll need:

What to do:

  1. You’ll want to work with a clean surface, so if your changing table has collected any dust or dirt from disuse, wipe it down with a damp cloth. Use the disinfecting wipes to sterilize the changing table, concentrating especially on the top tier.
  2. Once the changing table is dry, use the measuring tape to determine the dimensions of the shelves. Cut three sheets of decorative contact paper with the same length and width.
  3. Apply the sheets of contact paper to the surface of the shelves, smoothing out any air bubbles as you go.
  4. Your bookcase is now ready for use! For added convenience, try using a wire paper rack to keep your magazines within easy reach on the top shelf.

Create your own stunning jewelry

magnetic jewelry clasp, heart lock key pendant necklace “Pink Bird” | by Mary Anne Enriquez ( via Creative Commons

When it comes to jewelry you can spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on them. Sometimes the most beautiful jewelry is the kind you make yourself. It might not have the most sparkles, but it will have your own unique touch, and that’s something no one else can duplicate. There are many ways you can create your own jewelry. Here are a few quick and easy ones:

Making your own necklace

Again, there are several different ways you can make your own necklace but here are the basics. You’ll need:

If you’re using a pendant then it should be very easy to just use the loop on the pendant to attach it to the necklace. If you’re using something like seashells then you can either create a hole in the seashell using a small drill or you can hot glue the chain (or string) to the seashell.

Making your own bracelet

Bracelets can come in many different forms. They can be made of leather string, metal, or plastic. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • I recommend using leather string or a premade metal clasp (if you’re using metal you might need a magnetic jewelry clasp)
  • A string of beads
  • String (either a thick waxed linen or leather)
  • A pair of scissors

Once you have what you need here’s what to do:

  1. Take your leather string and fold it in half (make sure the length can comfortably fit around your wrist)
  2. Take your string of beads and place them into the groove that two sides of the leather string have created
  3. Wrap your string around the top of the loop (leaving a small hole, about the size of a penny, at the top of the leather string)
  4. Continue wrapping the string all the way down making sure you go around each individual bead.
  5. Tie a knot at the end once you have enough length and tie the two ends together and you’re done!

DIY tiki torches

metal  Tiki torches at sunset by Kevin Briody | via Creative Commons


Summer time is now in full swing which means that it is time to take your dinners and parties outdoors to enjoy the sublime weather. The first and most notable problem with having outdoor parties in the evening is combating the darkness that is the result of the setting sun. Equipping your entire yard with a lighting system can be both expensive and time consuming, especially if you only have outdoor events a handful of times a year. However, an easy and inexpensive way to quickly light up your yard are tiki torches. So check out this quick and fun way to make your very own glass or metal tiki torches.


–          Wood or metal stakes

–          Several empty soda cans

–          Lots of ¼”x5” wood sticks

–          Epoxy adhesive

–          Torch fuel

–          Wicks


1. Cut and sort ¼”x5 wood sticks (approx. 30 sticks per can)

2. Glue the wood sticks around the can in order to hide the soda can and glue the can using the epoxy adhesive to the top of the stake (allow to dry for 12 hours)

3. Add the recommend amount of torch fuel (varies from brand to brand) and add a wick

4. Insert these new tiki torches in the ground in the desired area and light!

To make a glass tiki torch, replace the soda can with a glass jar for a different and unique look.

DIY glitter lamp shade

DIY Glitter Lamp Shade | by Stacie Stacie Stacie ( | Creative Commons

Hello out there crafts land, and welcome to another home made and inspired post brought to you by the Craftcorners blog. Today we’re going to be taking things back to the classic ideal of home made goods and crafts. Today’s project is something you’ll be able to proudly display and we really love it because it’ll be an absolutely wonderful addition to any room. The “craft” of the day is non other than the glitter lamp shade. This is a great crafts idea for kids as well as grown ups and everyone in between, and is sure to appeal to those with a more artistic inclination. Let’s get started!

What You’ll Need

  • A canvas lamp shade, any neutral color will work but a typical yellowish tinge will be easiest to work with.
  • Yellow or gold glitter.
  • Hairspray.
  • Yellow marquee raffle tickets

What To Do

You’ll want to start off by deciding whether or not you’d like to cover the entire exterior surface of your lamp shade with glitter. If not, it’s also possible to create specific designs and outlines – these can be made with the help of Bic color pens. Once you’ve made your decision, coat the lampshade (or the desired parts) with a healthy serving of hairspray. This will serve as an adhesive.

After you’ve got a nice thick coat of hairspray covering your lamp (it should be visibly wet), you can start sprinkling on the glitter. Don’t be shy here, the goal is to really pile it on. After you’ve got your lampshade coated in glitter, you’ll want to top it off with yet another helping of hairspray to help keep the glitter in place. If desired, you can let the entire thing dry and add on several more layers in the same fashion as you would four paper mache. For extra fun you can top off your creation with the marquee raffle tickets.