DIY Bowties

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DIY bowtie

Today we’ve got another fun and easy crafting project that you’ll be able to wear and show off and do a DIY Bowties! We really like this corner of crafting (see what we did there?) – there’s just something very unique about wearing an item or accessory that you’ve made with your own hands. Of course, this is also a great crafts project for kids, and they’ll absolutely love making and sharing these with their friends. Of course, if you get your kids into making their own things it might just save you a fortune in clothes and jewelry in the future! Keep in mind also that these bowties don’t have to be just for wear – you can use them as fun decorations like a wrap for a pink rose and calla lily bouquet. Enough banter though, let’s get down to business and make this stuff happen!

What You’ll Need

What To Do

Following in the tradition of kid-friendly crafts, this is another one that’s exceedingly fun and simple. What you’ll need to do is simply fold your hair tie or scrunchy down in the middle, creating a flat plane. Pin the middle down to create two sides the “poof” out and you’ve got your basic bow-tie shape! Now you’ll simply need to tie down the center to maintain that bow-tie.

This is where your like color ribbon comes in. Although you can really use a ribbon of any color, we do recommend trying to find a similar color or pattern in order to maintain a uniform style. Failing that though a black ribbon can also work very well. Cut your ribbon to a length just suitable to wrap once around the pinched center of your bowtie. You’ll then glue the two loose halves of the ribbon on the opposing side using your adhesive (adhesive backed felt can also work well here). Remember to keep the whole contraption pinched for a few minutes so that it holds its shape – you’re done!