Personalized Dog Tag

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Simply and stylishly create this essential identification accessory for your companion.

The medal is an essential for all dog owners. It ensures the identification of the animal, a guarantee of security for its owner, but also to add a personal touch to the look of the animal. In this article, we offer you several tips for making a personalized dog tag . For these 100% homemade creations, you will only need very little material, but all your creativity according to your desires in terms of design.

Materials to make a personalized dog tag

For your creation, you will need:

  • A sheet of “ crazy paper ” or “ magic plastic ”, to be found in a craft store
  • A metal ring which you will then use to attach the medal to the necklace
  • A fine cutter
  • A pair of scissors
  • A hole punch
  • A compass
  • Colored pencils of your choice
  • A sheet of parchment paper

An oven will then be necessary to finalize the production.

Personalized dog tag: step-by-step tutorial

1/ The first step will consist of tracing the shape of your choice on the plastic support. Use a compass to form a perfect circle or use a template or freehand for other shapes (bone, heart, star). These shapes will delimit the medal itself. Be careful because “crazy paper” is a particular support which tends to shrink a lot during its time in the oven. Refer to the packaging to know the order of magnitude of its transformation (its size can decrease approximately 7 times).

After cutting, use your hole punch to create the hole that will allow you to attach the medal.

2/ Equipped with your colored pencils, draw as you wish on the entire surface. Take inspiration from the landscapes you like, the patterns you like or simply the character traits of your animal.

For an impeccable final result, we advise you to write on the grainier side and upside down. Indeed, after cooking, it will be the smooth side that will be highlighted.

3/ The next step is cooking. To do this, preheat the oven to around 160°C and place the paper shapes on the baking tray covered with parchment paper. The cooking time may vary from one paper to another, follow the recommendations and monitor the progress carefully.

4/ After cooking, all you have to do is place the medal under a thick book to flatten it well. Put on the metal ring and the medal will find its place on your faithful companion’s necklace!