Modern Cleopatra costume accessories

If you’re planning to attend a costume party as Cleopatra, but you want to add some flair of your own to her typical outfit here are some accessory ideas that will take your plain white dress to one fit for a queen! Headbands While a crown does add a regal touch to the costume, how many times will you get to wear a crown afterward? And updated version of crowns that still serve as ornately decorated headpieces would be sequin headbands. Getting one with gold sequins and intricate beading would be a great and convincing addition to your costume – and … Read More

DIY yarn bowl

Yarn bowls are colorful, stylish and useful. These easy to make bowls can be a great craft activity for kids as well as adults. Not only will you spend more quality time with your kids but they also make presents for a variety of events and occasions. Follow these steps in creating the perfect yarn bowl for friends and family. What you need: Scrap yarns of assorted colors 1/2 cup flour 4 cups water 3 tablespoons sugar One bowl One plastic bag What you’ll do: Choose a bowl and wrap it with plastic bag Firstly, pick a bowl of your … Read More

5 Essential Things All Dining Room Must-have

Dining rooms are doubtlessly multi-functional spaces. It is where we sometimes work, have some family meetings, and of course eat. So when you are thinking of designing or sprucing up your dining area, it is vital to fully understand how you spend your time there and what you want to accomplish in the area. Thus, ensure that you provide all or (if not possible) some of the must-have items in your dining area. No matter the size, style, or budget you have, these essential items will be your lifesaver. For a little help, listed below are some essential things all … Read More

Best of the Web No. 6

This week on Best of the Web we have five incredible blogs! Each one of these bloggers is a master at their craft. This week’s focus is on quilting and the like. With six blogs to look through, you will have plenty of ideas for your next craft adventure. Each of these blogs is packed with great info, great ideas, and great people. So sit back and get ready to go on a crafting journey to each of these blogs. 11 am In my blog, 11am, I record my adventures in my crafting and family life, the successes and the … Read More

Best of the Web No. 11

  This week for Craft Corners Best of the Web we have some great crafters for you. Several of them love making cards and their illustration skills are truly amazing. The coloring they do is absolutely superb. As always, these blogs have some great tutorials for us to follow along and learn from. We also have a few great crafters that do awesome work with fabrics. It’s always nice to have such a great variety of crafters and that is exactly what we have for you this week! Rubber Stamping is My Game I have been creating and designing cards … Read More