DIY Tiki Torch

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metal Tiki torches at sunset by Kevin Briody | via Creative Commons


DIY tiki torch – Summer time is now in full swing which means that it is time to take your dinners and parties outdoors to enjoy the sublime weather. The first and most notable problem with having outdoor parties in the evening is combating the darkness that is the result of the setting sun. Equipping your entire yard with a lighting system can be both expensive and time consuming, especially if you only have outdoor events a handful of times a year. However, an easy and inexpensive way to quickly light up your yard are tiki torches. So check out this quick and fun way to make your very own glass or metal tiki torches.


–          Wood or metal stakes

–          Several empty soda cans

–          Lots of ¼”x5” wood sticks

–          Epoxy adhesive

–          Torch fuel

–          Wicks


1. Cut and sort ¼”x5 wood sticks (approx. 30 sticks per can)

2. Glue the wood sticks around the can in order to hide the soda can and glue the can using the epoxy adhesive to the top of the stake (allow to dry for 12 hours)

3. Add the recommend amount of torch fuel (varies from brand to brand) and add a wick

4. Insert these new tiki torches in the ground in the desired area and light!

To make a glass tiki torch, replace the soda can with a glass jar for a different and unique look.