Upcycled Craft Desk Organizer

A craft organizer can not only keep your craft supplies organized but it can also keep your room cleaner. You don’t have to buy a craft organizer. Instead, you can create a personalized craft organizer with the help of some cardboard boxes. Here are some items you will need to make a good organizer. Scissors Glue stick A shoe box’s lid Empty cardboard boxes of different sizes Decorative tape Decorative paper or fabric Black marker Following these steps will help you create a great craft organizer: 1. Find a strong shoe box’s lid Pick a strong lid and use it […]

How to organize your craft room

Most avid craft lovers have one thing in common: tons of crafting stuff and not enough space to put it all. If your craft room is a mess of spilt buttons, tangled ribbons, unraveled thread, wrinkled fabrics, dried glue, and glitter glistening on every crevice, don’t fear. You’re not the only one. And because of this ever-so-common crafting problem, we’ve compiled a list of tips to keep your crafting room or space as organized as possible. The main tip is to utilize every possible storage space. If you’re limited with craft space try hanging baskets from the ceiling. For inexpensive […]