Upcycled Craft Desk Organizer

A craft organizer can not only keep your craft supplies organized but it can also keep your room cleaner. You don’t have to buy a craft organizer. Instead, you can create a personalized craft organizer with the help of some cardboard boxes. Here are some items you will need to make a good organizer.

  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • A shoe box’s lid
  • Empty cardboard boxes of different sizes
  • Decorative tape
  • Decorative paper or fabric
  • Black marker

Following these steps will help you create a great craft organizer:

1. Find a strong shoe box’s lid

Pick a strong lid and use it as the base of your craft organizer. The lid should be strong enough to hold all your craft supplies and dividers. If your shoe box’s lid is not strong enough then make it stiff with the help of a cardboard piece. Measure the lid’s width and length and cut out a cardboard piece of the same measurements. Paste this piece on the outer or inner side of the lid.

2. Pick some empty cardboard boxes and adjust all of them on the lid’s inner side

You can pick the cardboard boxes of cereal, soap bars and various other items. Pick small as well as large boxes and place them on the inner side of the lid. Make sure all of them fit well with each other. Making this kind of adjustment might take a while.

3. Decorate the cardboard boxes and the lid

Once you have decided the place for each box, take a black marker and mark their space. Afterwards, take out the boxes and cut all their flaps. Decorate paste decorative paper or fabric on all the boxes. Also, paste a solid black paper or fabric on the outer side of the lid.

4. Place the decorated cardboard boxes on the lid and fill them up with craft supplies

Place all the cardboard boxes on the lid and you are done. Put all the craft items in the cardboard boxes.

5. Place the lid on a desk

Pick a good craft desk and place your craft organizer on it. This will help you to keep your crafts items handy while making crafts. A craft desk can also help you to make your crafts without breaking your back. You can check out some mobile craft desks available at Walmart. They feature drawers and a lot of flat surface for craft making.

How to organize your craft room

Most avid craft lovers have one thing in common: tons of crafting stuff and not enough space to put it all. If your craft room is a mess of spilt buttons, tangled ribbons, unraveled thread, wrinkled fabrics, dried glue, and glitter glistening on every crevice, don’t fear. You’re not the only one. And because of this ever-so-common crafting problem, we’ve compiled a list of tips to keep your crafting room or space as organized as possible.

  • The main tip is to utilize every possible storage space. If you’re limited with craft space try hanging baskets from the ceiling. For inexpensive drawers, find some clear plastic drawer sets at a local store and use the drawers to keep materials out of the way, but still easily in sight. When utilizing space, try to build vertically by placing shelves along all the available wall space.
  • Invest in the perfect craft desk for your space. Look for one that provides lots of storage and work space, but also feels comfortable, and fits well within the room. If the craft desk doesn’t have enough storage, you could always place a small filing cabinet beneath the desk.
  • Place a bulletin board over your craft desk so you have a place to tack up papers, tutorials, inspirational photos, and other instructions you may need while crafting.
  • Keep the tools you use the most close at hand. Have a special basket designated to scissors, glue and other tools that will always be in easy reach of your work space.
  • You can also create a tool rack by mounting a piece of wood to the wall and then securing hooks to the wood to hang your most used tools for easy accessibility.
  • Organize fabrics and other materials in boxes that are clearly labeled so you can find specific fabrics with ease. Have a box for pastel materials, prints, bold colors, etc.
  • Keep ribbons, cords and threads on rods that can be attached to the wall, or tucked away in a closet. This will keep them organized and not in a tangled mess.
  • Finally, make sure to spend a few minutes at the end of every craft session tidying up your area so it stays neat and organized.

After implementing these tips you should be well on your way to an organized craft room. Now it’s time to get creative!

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