How to make your own accent pieces for your living roon

  If your room is looking a little bare with just your furniture and a few framed photos on the wall, then it’s time to decorate! Creating a few custom-made pieces to your décor can liven up your room and create a more interesting and welcoming environment! Here are some fun ideas you can do to add to your living room: Make sand centerpieces A beautiful centerpiece which is becoming increasingly popular is Lillian Rose unity sand. You can purchase their unique vases, and choose from their different colored sands that you pour and layer into the vase, creating your own … Read More

Add flair to a garment rolling rack

Who doesn’t love a good garment rolling rack? They are a convenient, inexpensive storage solution for your clothes and shoes when you just don’t have enough room in your closet or dresser. While they are practical, however, they don’t do very much for your room’s decor. If you are using a rolling garment rack in your bedroom, here are some ideas to spruce it up and add some flair to your room at the same time: For an imitation wooden garment rack Grab some wood contact paper, scissors, and some measuring tape and transform your metal garment rack into a convincing imitation … Read More

DIY wall floral arrangement

            Thinking about sprucing up your walls or a certain area of your living room? Inexpensive additions to your walls can make the biggest difference and change the atmosphere of your living space. If you happen to have a lot of fresh flowers in your garden or a bunch of delightful artificial flowers then you can use them to brighten up some of your rooms. Take your interior decor up a notch with an interesting wall floral arrangement! What you need: Vases Faux/artificial flowers Pansy flower Picture frames Paint Chicken wire Twine (stronghold) What to do: … Read More

Home Sweet Home Office: 5 Essential Things Every Home Office Must Have

                Nowadays, more and more people prefer to work at home because it is much more comfortable and accessible. However, if you do not have all the proper things for your home office, it can have a damaging and disadvantageous effect on your efficiency and productivity, even your happiness and health. Of course, no home office is identical. But whatever your set up will be, there are accessories, furniture, and gadgets that can help you create a more functional and productive space. To know more, check the list below. Desk and Chair If … Read More

DIY stone wall tile collage

  Just about everyone has tried a collage of pictures on their wall. Whether your wall is super bland with only framed pictures or decked out with paintings and other flat artwork, there comes a time when you’re ready for a change. Fortunately, Craft Corners is here to help you take the first step towards sprucing up your wall décor. Especially with the changing of the seasons, now is the perfect time to create a new decorative wall for you and your family to enjoy. Follow these not-too-tricky steps to wall-tile heaven. What you’ll need: Fiberglass tape Stone wall tiles … Read More