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DIY Chalkboard Paint


 chalkboard 1 | photo by Graham Hill via Creative Commons

As seen in cute coffee shops and fun DIY projects, chalkboard paint has grown in popularity to create a rustic and creative vibe to any project, place, and items for décor.  Once originated in the classroom, the chalkboard surface now gives a shabby chic effect to any room. The best part is that it can be used with many themes for many purposes to create an artistic environment for anyone willing to pick up a piece of chalk. Not to mention, it’s something that can keep your children entertained for hours on end. (more…)


How to make a Shabby Chic Flatware Caddy


flatware caddy

Keeping my everyday silverware handy is something that I like to do, and with a decorative silverware caddy I can keep it on the table or bring it outside for picnics. This works so well for me because I can keep my nicer silver flatware packed away for special occasions and easily reach for my everyday set.  (more…)


No Sew Throw Pillow Case


large throw pillows

Do you have any old sheets in your linen closet, that you don’t use anymore? Are you tired of them cluttering up your closet? Why not use them to create a fun and decorative craft? Get out your oldest, softest sheets and convert them into pillow cases. Why waste something that can be up-cycled so easily? The best part is that there is no hassle of using a sewing machine too! That’s what I did, using the following steps:  (more…)


Upcycled Craft Desk Organizer


craft desk

A craft organizer can not only keep your craft supplies organized but it can also keep your room cleaner. You don’t have to buy a craft organizer. Instead, you can create a personalized craft organizer with the help of some cardboard boxes. Here are some items you will need to make a good organizer.



Fun ways to decorate your vanity mirror


vanity makeup tables

Vanity makeup tables are not only functional. They can also be an eye pleasing part of a bedroom’s decor. You can beautify a simple vanity set using the following ideas.

Pick a simple makeup vanity set and decorate it with wall and glass decals

It is not necessary to buy pricey and decorative vanity makeup tables. You can pick a simple set and decorate the edges its mirror with wall decals. Pick glass or wall decals that complement the color of your vanity set. For instance you can decorate the edge of the vanity’s mirror with Crystal Heiress’ Volleyball crystal decal. This decal is round which is why, it will be ideal for Home Styles’ Bedford vanity table that has a rectangular mirror. You can use large artificial or real flowers to decorate the edges of a round or oval mirror.

Place pictures of your favorite quotes or family around the mirror

Check out the hand painted wood makeup vanity table set available at Coaster. You can pick this table or a similar one that has one large mirror in the middle and two sides having picture frames. Such vanity makeup tables allow you to keep your cherished memories and inspirations close at hand. Featuring ivory/natural oak finish, the hand painted vanity set of Coaster allows you to store your jewelry and make up items. It comes with many drawers and a hide-away jewelry storage behind the centered mirror.

Paint the wall behind your vanity set

In place of painting the vanity set, paint the wall behind it. It doesn’t matter what color the other three walls have. You just have to choose a contrasting wall color that looks good with the bedroom’s color scheme and with the vanity’s color. For instance if your vanity set is cream in color and your walls are white then you can paint the wall behind vanity in red color.



How to make healthy eating fun for kids


kids fork and spoon

Healthy food can make kids active and give many benefits to their growing bodies. A lot of parents struggle to feed healthy food to their kids because many kids are picky when it comes to food whereas some kids are simply easy eaters. Here are some ideas which can help the parents of such kids. These ideas will help you attract the kids towards healthy food.

1. Prepare their favorite dishes at home

Some kids like chips, burgers and other junk food items. If your kids also like this kind of food then be a smart parent and prepare healthier food at home. One of the major advantages of doing this is that you can ask your kids to finish their vegetables or salad before they start to have fries. Strike deals with them and ask them to finish a bowl of fresh fruit salad before they start to have a burger or a pizza.

2. Give special utensils to the kids

Check out some kids fork and spoon sets online. Picking out cute utensils is a great way to attract them to the idea of eating at home more because they’ll want to use their new fork and knife set. The Princess by Tomy flatware is an ideal gift for baby girls. The colorful spoons and forks of these sets feature the prints of different Disney princesses. They help the kids to eat easily. Don’t forget to check out the very pretty Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch 21 piece Bella Butterfly picnic set. This one can be a good birthday present for your kid or niece.

3. Pick fresh fruits and vegetable with the kids

Don’t by fresh fruits and vegetable all by yourself. Take your kids along and teach them how to pick the best fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to tell them the benefits of each fruit and vegetable. This will make the kids more interested in vegetables and fruits.

4. Make a list of fruits and vegetables with vitamins and minerals with the kids

Mention the benefits of some fruits and vegetables on a piece of paper. Also, mention what they are rich in. Stick this list on the refrigerator and ask the kids to pick the vegetables having specific vitamins. This game will help them learn the importance of healthy food.


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