How to make a Decorative Wall plate

Decorative plates are a great way to express your personal style and choice. They are simple to make, so give your creativity a leap and make whatever you want with them. With a little skill, thought and inspiration, you can turn any image that inspires you into a piece of art. Display your talent for others to appreciate. Here is how to make a decorative wall plate. Material needed: Clear plate A picture Foam brushes Mod Podge Paint Decorative wall plate holders, wall plate rack Instructions: Buy a clear plate from a crafts store. These plates are available in different […] The place for Craft Ideas

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Make your own hand puppets for kids

  This is one craft that will keep your kids busy. Hand puppets will get your kids involved in a craft project and then they will have something new to play with after as well. Kids hand puppets are super easy to make and your kids could make a whole collection of characters. Then they can put on a puppet show for family and friends. Here’s what you need: -Felt – a variety of colors -Marker -Glue -Stickers -Pom-poms –Kidkraft majestic mansion Here’s what you do: Pick a felt color. You will two pieces of the same color. Put your […]