How to Update Your Lamp Shades

Looking to change the look of a room? By making subtle changes to pieces that accent your room, you can create a whole new vibe. Here we explore how you can change your lamp designs with antique clip-on lamp shades. Here are some popular lamp shades styles you can match to the décor you are trying to achieve:

  • Contemporary – this style is sleek and simplistic, featuring furniture and tables with softer lines than sharp edges. For lighting, table and floor lamps have straight lines and metal finishes. If your lamp base is contemporary, try lampshades similar to the one pictured top left.
  • Traditional – lampshades of this style would be like the one shown above, bottom left. Traditional home décor features accents of the French countryside, and 18th century England and utilize green, peach, plum, tan, and bronze colors.
  • Old World – A very unique style, old world style features contrasting elements like polished floors with textured walls and patterned sofas, or glazed ceramic vases and distressed antique brass cabinet pulls. Colors used are rich and deep, but are not too vibrant in order to keep the worn down look. Depending on the dominant textures in your room, try getting a lamp shade to contrast it (pictured above, top right).
  • Transitional – This is a mixture between contemporary and traditional style. It does not use a lot of color in order to create a clean a sleek look, but neutral colors like white, cream, tan, taupe, and dark brown are used. Curved lines mixed with sharp lines combine feminine and masculine qualities to the room. Picking a simple and minimalistic lamp shade would complement your room harmoniously (pictured above), bottom right.

Whatever style your room may be, know that you can always switch it up with small changes to your décor. Have fun experimenting with all the different options!

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