DIY dry erase board

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easy chart dry erase sheet

Gone are the days of the chalkboard and tear-away poster sheets. Today dry erase boards permeate society and can be found everywhere from the classroom to corporate America and even at home. But with options like the easy chart dry erase sheet ranging in the $100 plus price range, large dry erase boards are typically on the fringe of “affordable” for many. But what if I told you can make your own dry erase board for a fraction of that price? Check out this DIY dry erase board that only cost $30 to make:

Needed Supplies:

–          4×4 ft. white panel board (or desired size)

–          Four 48×2 in. pieces of wood trim

–          Black paint

–          Hammer

–          Finishing nails


  1. Acquired desired sized white panel board from local hardware store. Bring along a dry erase marker just to ensure board is dry erase capable.
  2. Cut ends of wood trim in 45 degree angle.
  3. Paint the pieces of wood trim with black paint with at least two coats. Black paint will give your dry erase board a professional look but feel free to swap out for any color you see fit.
  4. Using finishing nails, hammer the finished pieces of wood trim onto edges of white panel board.

Dry erase boards are perfect for any location as they provide an easy way to communicate and think up new ideas. Consider adding a calendar and some multi year planners to your board and you will completely revolutionize how you organize your life.