Best of the Web No. 6

This week on Best of the Web we have five incredible blogs! Each one of these bloggers is a master at their craft. This week’s focus is on quilting and the like. With six blogs to look through, you will have plenty of ideas for your next craft adventure. Each of these blogs is packed with great info, great ideas, and great people. So sit back and get ready to go on a crafting journey to each of these blogs.

11 am

In my blog, 11am, I record my adventures in my crafting and family life, the successes and the failures – of which I have generous quantities of both! I’ll take you for walks in the Yorkshire Dales and Southern Scotland, dragging you through mud and snow but in compensation there will be cake and crochet aplenty. Recently I have delved into the world of internet sales and am enjoying reasonable success – I won’t become the next Sir Alan Sugar or Donald Trump but I am having fun along the way. Life is for living and I intend on living it to the full (so long as I have my hooks, wool and a mug of tea) Bring it on! -Kate

Artymess Goddess of Fibre Alchemy

I am passionate about textiles. Colour and patterns excite me and inspire my work. I originally trained as a botanical illustrator but I have always had an interest in yarns and fabric. I was encouraged by my Grandmother who taught me valuable skills. I work using hand and machine embroidery and various decorative techniques I also design and make garments using a knitting machine. I started my blog, ‘Artymess Goddess of Fibre Alchemy’ in February 2010 and have had a wonderful, inspirational journey into blogland meeting fantastic like-minded creative artists. -Lorna

Bea Spoke Quilts

The name of my blog is Bea Spoke Quilts, it’s a bit of a play on words. One of my daughters is called Bea and I like the old concept of things being tailor made or bespoke. I love fabric and quilting, I have learnt over time that quilting doesn’t need to be complicated, tricky or take a long time. I’m trying to showcase great fabric and simple techniques in quilting through my blog -Siobhan

Hillbilly Handiworks

We are all about learning at Hillbilly Handiworks. I am always thinking up new ways for us to expand our talents. The current favorite is the Artistic Hectic Hexagons; with a new one posted every Thursday. Starting in February we will be learning Lone Star Quilts together. Also, the ever popular May for Me will be back this year with a new surprise twist. Of course, on occasion I cannot resist throwing in some Hillbilly fun. Come pay and visit and see for yourself! -Tonya

Bumble Beans Inc.

Get inspired and absorbed in color! That’s the vibe I like to share on my blog. I encourage people to GO FOR IT! Cut up that fabric, throw it around, and see what fabulous mess you can make… Most likely it won’t be a mess, but it will either be something that starts a creative spark, or an entirely new unique quilt that is all YOU! I love what I do, I find JOY in making  custom commission quilts  and greater JOY in donating a quilt. I want every creative person to find their joy in what they make, and  hope they find even greater JOY in sharing. Give a quilt a good home. -Victoria

If you are looking for some new ideas on how to store your crafting goodies, some of them may be right under your nose! An expandable makeup organizer is perfect for putting painting supplies, sewing supplies, and just about anything else you can think of. Just because it’s meant for makeup, doesn’t mean it’s not also perfect for crafting supplies! With different sections for different supplies, expandable makeup organizers really make it easy to be organized.

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