Decorate your own wine glasses for any event!

 plastic goblet Image via Creative Commons by wizardofozgurl ( via Creative Commons

I am organizing my best friend’s bridal shower and wanted to do something fun and creative for the event. Finally after hours of thinking I came up with the idea of decorating our own wine glasses or even for the event. If you don’t want to use real glass for this craft, a plastic goblet would work great too.

The best part was that the wine glass would work fantastically as a favor to take home after the shower as well. An added advantage is definitely that no more stressing of glasses getting mixed as you can easily keep track of your decorated glass for the night.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Clean the wine glasses, making sure you have one per guest
  2. Draw a figure or a character that you might what. Print different sizes of the same since you might need to do it a couple of times to get the accurate size.
  3. Tape the cut out inside the glass and trace the character out on the outside. Can’t be easier right?
  4. Now it is  painting time! You can use a toothpick to paint the edges. Snipping up the edge of the toothpick might make it simpler too.  The advantage of a toothpick is to get the least amount of paint in the places you need it. A wet towel is something you might consider to keep handy in case you make a mistake. As you progress, remember to keep the surface area dry before you can start painting again
  5. A great idea would be to paint the bottoms of the glass as well. Maybe you could write a message or your name and date to remember this amazing party!
  6. After your painting is done, place the wine glass in a cool oven. The temperature should be around 300-350 degrees and the cooking time would be around 30 minutes
  7. Once you take the glasses out, let them cool completely.
  8. Now crack open a bottle of something delicious and bubbly and have a great time with your new, one of a kind, wine glasses!

Who said paint was the only option? You could take something as simple and attractive as a ribbon and tie it to the stem. I’ve also seen people do some