DIY exposed brick wall

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Exposed Brick | Charles & Hudson ( | Creative Commons

Our house is more than just a place we lay our head down to rest – it’s our home. We spend a great deal of our lives inside our homes ans that makes it critical to ensure that we decorate and instill a sense of belonging and happiness in our surroundings. A fun and unique way to do that is by decorating your walls, and a truly fun and unique way to do that is by creating an exposed brick wall look. Although this might seem at first glance to be a construction project, it’s actually just a facade. Let’s take a look at how you can go about creating your own exposed brick wall inside your very own home.

What You’ll Need

  • plate easel
  • Red and orange paints
  • Newspapers or premade paper mache mix
  • White sand
  • Tan construction paper
  • Hairspray
  • Superglue

What To Do

  1. Using your paper mache that you’ve either bought from the store or made yourself with newspapers, begin by molding some thing brick shaped items.
  2. Glue your paper mache “bricks” to the wall using the super glue at even intervals, leaving a bit of space between each one.
  3. Using your red and orange paints, mix up a few different shades on your plate easel. Optionally you might look into getting a black table top easel discount if you’re not used to holding your paint.
  4. Paint your bricks, taking care to switch up the shading so that they don’t all match exactly.
  5. After the paint dries, use super glue to line the spaces you’ve left between your bricks with a nice layer of white sandy paste – this will complete the effect of a brick wall.
  6. Take your construction paper and cut it into irregular slices, gluing them in sections atop your brick. This will give the effect of a wall that is crumbling away to expose the brick underneath.
  7. Finally, spray the entire thing down with a nice layer of sticky hairspray and sprinkle it with sand, giving it a nice worn look.