DIY gorgeous psychedelic painting

Melted Crayons | Kelly Bollaert ( | via Creative Commons

That’s right folks, this post is going to be dedicated to those beautiful and colorful wall paintings that have been making their rounds around the  net lately. This is a really fun and easy project, and the result is invariably fantastic! Have you got a bare spot on your wall and you just don’t know what to fill it along side your square wall clock? This great DIY psychedelic  painting is going to be just the trick! The best part about it is that it’s pretty much impossible to get this wrong, making it an awesome art project for kids as well as adults.

What You Need

  • White canvas or thick watercolor paper
  • Several packs of crayons
  • A blow dryer
  • Optional: Wide masking or duct tape.
  • A location where you can safely make a mess!

How To Make It

  1. Superglue the crayons to the canvas in whatever order you desire (rainbow arrangement is a good way to go, in fact many times crayons come pre-arranged in this order in the package so all you’ll need to do is transfer them from the package to the canvas).
  2. Optional step: use the tape to cut out fun designs like stars, and clue them all around the canvas
  3. Tilting the canvas at a slight angle, begin blow-drying the canvas directly behind the crayons (by not blow drying them directly you’ll encourage a more even drip).
  4. As the crayons begin to melt, ensure that you are continuously blow drying the full canvas where the wax is melting, as it cools and dries very quickly. Keeping the entire canvas warm will allow the crayons to spread and cover more area.
  5. Let the crayons cool off and voila!
  6. If you’ve taken the extra step of creating tape cutouts, now is a good time to go ahead and peel them off. This will leave you with fun shapes amid the kaleidoscope of color.

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