DIY Ribbon Necklace

grosgrain ribbon necklace DIY -worn at the collar | love Maegan ( | Creative Commons

It’s time CraftCorners readers to embark on another fun journey. Today we’re going to take a look at a fun craft that you’ll actually get to put to good use, and on a regular basis if you prefer. We’re going to be making a fun and colorful ribbon necklace. If fashion design isn’t something you’ve considered delving into before, have no fear – this project is very easy to put together and get the hang of. More than that though, as mentioned previously you’ll be able to actually wear your project and show off your handiwork or even store it in your cheap jewelry armoire! Let’s get to it.

What You’ll Need

  • A strong and sturdy length of string. You Can also use a chain or thin rope if you prefer.
  • A large handful of small ribbons. The colors can vary as it’s really up to you, but mixing up the colors for a fun rainbow effect certainly can’t go wrong!

What To Do

There really isn’t a whole lot of craftsmanship that goes into this particular necklace. All you’ll need to do is tie your ribbons onto the necklace itself. You can do this by simply wrapping the ribbon around the rope and tying off a regular knot. If you have trouble with the ribbons, you can always use a tear fabric mender.

The real artisan ship comes into how you actually arrange the colors of your ribbon. For a classy look, you can use all black or white ribbon – suddenly the necklace is now appropriate for a gala event. For a more fun kid friendly approach, simply arrange the colored ribbons at random, creating a haphazard and crazy effect that is sure to match a more eclectic style. For a look that’s somewhere in between you’ll want to experiment with arranging blocks of color. This is similar to a rainbow, except there will be multiple ribbons of the same color next to each other.

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