Fun with lights

Fun with lights

Fun with lights – Lights and light based projects don’t get enough love here at the Craftcorners blog, and today we’re setting out to change that. Light projects are a fun and easy way to transform any room or outdoor space, and can really creative a fantastic mood in an otherwise drab environment. To kick things off today we’re going to take a look at one such project: the light vine. We love this particular idea because it uses a very common household object in a new and unique way. In fact it’s going to give you a great excuse to dust off those Christmas lights! Let’s get started.

What You’ll Need

  • Several lengths of “icicle” style Christmas lights. For this project we recommend forgoing multi-colored lights.
  • Several boxes of push pins.
  • Optional: decorational “tops” for your lights and calligraphy pen ink for tracing.

What To Do

The main idea here is that we’re going to be emulating a “vine” growing across one of our interior walls. Instead of growing a real vine over the course of several years however, we’re going to create a fun instant vine with a little help from our Christmas lights.

You’ll want to begin by ensuring that your “vine” has access to an electrical socket – this will basically determine the location of your lighting installation.

From there you’re going to begin by creating the design for the main “stem” of your vine, ignoring the hanging icicles for now.

Once you’ve got a general trajectory planned out for your vine, you can pin it in place using your push pins (be careful not to pierce the actual wire though – cork panels can help here).

Depending on how long you want your installation to be, you can extend it with multiple lengths of Christmas lights.

After your shape is in place, you will now finish off your lighting installation by pinning the hanging icicles in a growth pattern that resembles a real vine – presto!

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