How to make your own hand painted panel

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hand painted panel Gastown 36x48 $34.99 bby jmv | via Creative Commons

The world of home décor is as much an art form as it is a way to organize your home. As the boundaries of DIY home décor expand, it is important to stay with the times and continue to find ways to push and innovate. One of the latest innovated home décor styles is the use of multiple panels, often composed hand painted panel or two, to decorate your home.

What You Need to Do This:

–          Palette (recommend Blick Disposable Palette)

–          Paints of your choosing

–          Different sizes and styles of paint brushes

–          Rabbit skin glue

–          Gesso

–          Water

–          Canvas material

–          Wood panel(s)


1. The first step is to make the panel by cutting a piece of canvas that is larger than the wood panel you plan on using.

2. Create glue mixture using 1 part rabbit skin glue 15 parts water, allowing it to soak overnight. Heat up when ready (do not boil).

3. Glue canvas to panel, including the extra canvas to the back of the panel.

4. Apply 50/50 mix of Gesso and water to the completely dry canvas in the form of right angles.

5. Design and paint your newly created panel to your heart’s desire.

Traditional, walls get decorated with individual pieces, but the concept of using panels allows you to using several pieces to create one full piece of art.