How to decorate a tissue box cover

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Top Left: “Craft flowers” | by penguincakes (; Top Bottom: “Tissue Box Cover (Living Room) –top view” | by Salihan Laugesen (; Right: “seat belt tissue box cover” | by alamodestuff ( via Creative Commons

Tissues can run out quickly, and while many brands make colorful and printed box designs, a lot of them are just not my taste. If you are someone like me, who loves to create custom and unique pieces that complement your home décor, making your own craft tissue box cover is a right up your alley!

Supplies Needed

  • Tissue box cover (of any material you choose – ceramic, porcelain, plastic, etc.)
  • Glue gun

Optional Supplies

  • Embellishments of your choice like:
    •  decorative pearls
    • jewels
    • buttons
    • fake flowers
    • ribbon
    • lace

Decorating your tissue box cover

For the experienced crafter

If you are a frequent crafter who makes your own craft embellishments with fabric (like the craft flowers shown above) and secure them onto your craft tissue box with a glue gun.

For the practical

You may also simply use fabric to create a slip cover which can be fastened on your new tissue box and thrown in the washer. It is not recommended that you include too many embellishments on this type of cover.

For kids

You and your child can decorate a craft tissue box cover in a safer way by not using a glue gun, but rather colored thermal labels, which come in many bright and shiny colors and can be cut into different shapes and designs! This allows of easy and neat application.

What are some ways you decorated your tissue box cover?