How to make Euro Pillow Covers

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euro pillow covers | by Reckon via Creative Commons

Euro pillow covers | With their large, square design, European or “Euro” pillows are perfect for adding some extra flair to any bedroom. Their square shape provides contrast from your other pillows and easily allows you to add a simple accent to your bed spread. Typically these pillows measure 26 inches squared, so make sure you have enough fabric to make these euro pillow covers.

Materials You’ll Need

–          26”x 26” pillow

–          3/4 yards of desired fabric

–          Scissors

–          Sewing machine

–          Matching thread

–          Pins


  1. Cut one piece of 27”x 27” fabric and two 27”x 16½” pieces for the back.
  2. Fold one long edge of fabric over 1/4 inch toward the less colorful side of the fabric on each of the back pieces. Then, fold the edge over again 1/4 inch and stitch along each fold using sewing machine.
  3. Pin 27”x 27” on top, making sure everything is lined up and the colorful side of the fabric is facing inwards.
  4. Stitch together along all sides having 1/4-inch seam allowance.
  5. Flip the resulting pillow cover back inside out and insert pillow.

These Euro pillow covers are a perfect way to add your own style to your bedroom and provide and excellent addition to your lightweight bedspreads. Don’t be afraid to add you own spin to these pillow covers as additional sprucing up is highly recommended. Ask us about our Euro pillow cases.