How to make your own wall leaf art

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How to make your own wall leaf art? – Leaf decorations on your walls add a natural element to your surroundings. This can be specially effective if you already have incorporate many natural elements in your home decor. Making leaf wall art is a fairly simple task, provided you are motivated and are up to doing it. This project can be done alone, or you can make it a family project and get everyone involved in the fun.

  1. Start off by bringing nature’s magic indoors by gathering a few of your favorite leaves.
  2. Flatten them under a heavy book and then copy them with a color photocopier. To minimize the shadows when photocopying, cover the leaf with white paper.
  3. Enlarge the leaf image to the desired size. Use the inc soft scripts pencil to define the lines before using color. Select the colors you want for your leaves. Combine mixes of the colors in several paint trays, adding less or more of each color of paint so that your leaf patterns will have a subtle change in color as they move across the room. Give a different color shade to the background of the leaf to contrast the look.
  4. Use one or multiple inexpensive wood frames to frame these prints.


  • Fall leaves
  • Heavy book
  • Color photocopier
  • Sheet of white paper
  • Soft, flat paintbrush and colors
  • inc soft scripts pencil
  • Small unfinished-wood craft frames (to use as hangers)

Make this unique wall art the conversation piece in your home.

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