Painting ideas for kids

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Some adults cringe at the thought of kids using paint in the house, but it’s a fun activity for them and helps with their development and creativity. If you are worried about big messes you can always invest in some kid-friendly washable paints.

It also helps if you’re around to supervise so that you can decide how much paint to let the kiddos use at one time. Regardless, painting projects are fun for kids and can be a creative outlet for them as well! Here are a few simple painting project ideas that you can try this weekend.

Here’s what you need:

– Paper plate

Certificate paper white

– Standard paper white

– Paint brushes

My crafty kit craft kit with case

1) Hand prints

This is an easy project that is fun for the kids and you can be in control of the paint. Take the paint brushes and paint colors of their choices on to the palms of their hands. Once you’re done with this, help them press their palms onto the standard white paper. Then if you’re worried, you can immediately wash hands after and the project and mess is done! They can proudly hang these hand prints up in their room or give them as a gift to a family member or friend.

2) Painted awards

This painting project idea is great for getting the kids to think creatively. Pour out a selection of paints onto the paper plate, which will act as their painting palette. Give them a sheet of the white certificate paper and tell them to paint an award certificate for whoever they want. It could be for themselves, mom, dad, a grandparent, a sibling or the neighbor! But it gives them room to be creative. The sneaky part is that by having the border on these award certificate papers encourages them to paint within that area so that hopefully you won’t have as much of big paint mess to clean up.

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