Thanksgiving craft ideas that show why you are thankful this year

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thanksgiving ideas Image via Creative commons|terren in Virginia |

Want to make this Thanksgiving more meaningful than just turkey and football? Then, maybe it is time to introduce some holiday traditions that will create memories and give more meaning to this holiday. We have a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Show and express thanks: Ask each member of the family to create two items that represent what they are giving thanks for this year. Whether it is a card or collage of photos of important memories, you will get a glimpse into what they cherish.
  2. Cook something together: It will be memorable if you cook something together with the family from a recipe that everyone likes.
  3. Catch up with the family that is away: Make a family tree with photos of each member and then connect with these family members. Call them by phone or do an audio or video chat. This will help kids understand the importance of the extended family and know the different family members who are away.
  4. Design your appreciation: Make a gratitude wreath or turkey and make a cut out of labels writing down things you and your family are grateful for this year.
  5. Thankfulness branch: Pick a large branch with lots of branches and make it stand in a jar/ bottle. String, cut out leaf shaped foam or color paper and write down what each of you is grateful for this year. You could also make a box out of cigar box, shoebox or even a basket or jar and keep adding your gratitude notes throughout the year.
  6. Make a pocketed wall organizer: Make a canvas pocket paper organizer with different color pockets for each member. Let each member fill their individual pockets up with notes, photos and items of gratitude throughout the year, to be shared next thanksgiving!

Make your holiday more memorable and meaningful with these fun family traditions.