Transform your Dinning Room Table

Dinning Room Table

If you have a breakfast nook or a kitchen table that just isn’t being used for meals as frequently as you like. It might be because it’s uncomfortable. Something as simple as chair cushions and some creativity might have your family spending more time at the dinner table.

What to consider:

  • Adding cushions
  • Having some festive table cloths (bright colors, fun seasonal themes)
  • Decorative center pieces
  • Use lighter colors

Here are some things you might need:

To make that kitchen table or breakfast nook instantly more comfortable start by putting seat cushions on your chairs. This will make it enjoyable for guests and family members to stay seated at the table longer.

Get creative with your centerpieces. I like to take glass vases and fill them with different things (marbles, candies) and then put silk flowers inside. An example that I have done before is I filled a vase with colorful jelly beans with silk tulips in them. This is a very eye catching center piece and is also enjoyable for kids because the love to eat they jelly beans.

Throw over a festive table cloth. Consider trying to match seasons or maybe you found one you particularly like. Try to have lighter colors throughout the room, maybe a different wall color or try some hanging some pictures on the wall.

Taking small steps to change up your dinning room area here and there can go a long way. Before you know it your children will be spending more and more time at the table for dinner and homework.

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