Homemade Halloween decoration ideas: How to build your own graveyard

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 wide calf riding boots - Source: Amazon.com


Great costumes, spooky feelings and fun are what Halloween is all about. Why not spook your neighbors and friends by creating your own graveyard this Halloween? There are different elements like spooky lighting that you can include in your graveyard that will leave your guests with goosebumps. Below I’ve listed some spooky ideas to create a graveyard that will make this Halloween particularly fun and memorable.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. To make your graveyard really eerie, add some fallen branches and tilt some of the gravestones at different angles. This will make it look like your graveyard has been there for centuries.
  2. Put a pair of wide calf riding boots on one or two of the graves. Partially cover these boots with leaves to make it look like somebody is actually lying there.
  3. Hang some oddly large clothes on branches so that it looks like ghosts are haunting your graveyard.
  4. Display a few skulls around the graveyard and use a bit of red paint to give the graveyard an even more dramatic look.
  5. You can also use a fog machine or dry ice to make your graveyard foggy.
  6. The idea of gruesome hands crawling out of the ground can fill anybody with fear. Use two small sticks and your gloves to create this look.
  7. Use Styrofoam or Plywood to make tombstones and write scary epitaphs on them.
  8. Last but not the least, use a broken scrap of wood and write “keep out” or “danger” on it with black or white paint to complete the look.

Welcome your guests in a scary costume and say “welcome and beware” and your guests won’t soon forget your haunted Halloween graveyard.