DIY wall pocket organizer

DIY wall pocket organizer

There is always going to be an organizer available to fit your needs and budget. Wall pocket organizers can maximize the space of your room or closet. If you’re not much of an organized person, you may want to consider a wall pocket organizer to minimize the clutter that may accumulate in your closet over time. The only problem is that a lot of wall pocket organizers out there are available in cheaply made, unattractive material. Making your own wall pocket organizer is not only easy but will also offer a decorative touch and a splash of color to your room. read more

Host your own Masquerade party for Halloween

"Masquerade Ball (#31969)" | by mark sebastian ( via creative commons

If you’re looking to host a party of your own this Halloween but you want something different then we have the perfect idea for you. It’s normally very conventional to have a costume party, but what if you had a Masquerade instead? These are normally very fun because there’s a certain excitement that comes with wearing a mask and remaining anonymous. Keep reading to see what you’ll need to have a fun mask party of your own. read more

Best of the Web No. 17

Craft Corners Best of the Web, wire cube organizer

We’ve been so lucky to have been immersed in crafting inspiration these last few weeks and now we’re back with even more exquisite crafting designs! From stuffed toys to yarn projects and back to more paper crafting ideas, this week’s features are nothing short of the word spectacular. Throw in some inspiration and some crafty know-hows and voila- you’ve got some crafty items for your home and for your kids. But enough explanation and on to my favorite part… read more

Organizing your garage with paint

Organizing a garage can be a monumental task for most as the garage ends up being the last bastion of messes and storage. One of the main reasons garages become so cluttered is because of the lack of a clearly defined space. Unlike your room which has a apparent place for everything, such as a dresser for clothes and a desk for stationary supplies, the garage is a difficult place to keep areas well defined. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy way to help you out: paint. read more

Modern Cleopatra costume accessories

Left: ” Cleopatra Eye” | by MunkeyGorfette ( via Creative Commons; Top Right: "Sequin headbands" by merchant; Bottom Right: "Chan luu wrap bracelet" by merchantIf you’re planning to attend a costume party as Cleopatra, but you want to add some flair of your own to her typical outfit here are some accessory ideas that will take your plain white dress to one fit for a queen!


While a crown does add a regal touch to the costume, how many times will you get to wear a crown afterward? And updated version of crowns that still serve as ornately decorated headpieces would be sequin headbands. Getting one with gold sequins and intricate beading would be a great and convincing addition to your costume – and best of all you can still use it for everyday wear! read more