How to make your own basic sewing kit

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Some people sew because it is their hobby while some others sew because they earn a living through it. For people of both the categories, it is important to keep the sewing items organized. Sharp items like scissors and needles should be out of children’s’ reach. So, check out the following steps to keep your sewing items well organized.

1. Collect all the necessary sewing items

Collect all the sewing items that are available in the home. Along with this, buy some good quality sewing items. You should have scissors, straight pins, a pin holder, a tape measure, dressmaker’s carbon paper, a gauge, a seam ripper, sewing needles and threads. Make sure you have two durable scissors. Go for quilting pins with colorful heads because they are easy to handle. Pick a magnetic pin holder to keep the pins from falling off. Also, go for an adhesive measure tape instead of the simple one. The adhesive measuring tape stays in its place and helps you to keep track of the length. You can simply apply such a tape to a saw station, a router table, or a work table top. The Starrett Measure Stix tape can be easily cut to custom lengths. You can pick bright Pro Tapes Pro-Measurement ruler tape that has an adhesive backing. This is a Yellow tape that’s easily visible from a distance.

2. Create a sewing kit with the help of a nice and spacious box

You can pick a wooden decorative sewing box from Overstock. This box can help you store your cash or sewing items safely. It gives an Asian and aesthetic charm to your home décor. This box can also be an antiqued decorative accessory featuring a faded and worn color. Constructed of strong and durable wood, this box is perfect for your sewing items. You can also check out some other sewing boxes online. Create a sewing box using an old box that’s available in the house. You can paint and decorate this box.

3. Put all your sewing items in the box and close the lid tightly

Last but not the least, put all your sewing items in your box. You can use rectangular cardboard pieces to create different sections in the sewing box. This will help you organize your sewing box in a better way. You can keep the scissors in one section, threads in the second one and rest of the stuff in the third one.

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How to make healthy eating fun for kids

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Healthy food can make kids active and give many benefits to their growing bodies. A lot of parents struggle to feed healthy food to their kids because many kids are picky when it comes to food whereas some kids are simply easy eaters. Here are some ideas which can help the parents of such kids. These ideas will help you attract the kids towards healthy food.

1. Prepare their favorite dishes at home

Some kids like chips, burgers and other junk food items. If your kids also like this kind of food then be a smart parent and prepare healthier food at home. One of the major advantages of doing this is that you can ask your kids to finish their vegetables or salad before they start to have fries. Strike deals with them and ask them to finish a bowl of fresh fruit salad before they start to have a burger or a pizza.

2. Give special utensils to the kids

Check out some kids fork and spoon sets online. Picking out cute utensils is a great way to attract them to the idea of eating at home more because they’ll want to use their new fork and knife set. The Princess by Tomy flatware is an ideal gift for baby girls. The colorful spoons and forks of these sets feature the prints of different Disney princesses. They help the kids to eat easily. Don’t forget to check out the very pretty Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch 21 piece Bella Butterfly picnic set. This one can be a good birthday present for your kid or niece.

3. Pick fresh fruits and vegetable with the kids

Don’t by fresh fruits and vegetable all by yourself. Take your kids along and teach them how to pick the best fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to tell them the benefits of each fruit and vegetable. This will make the kids more interested in vegetables and fruits.

4. Make a list of fruits and vegetables with vitamins and minerals with the kids

Mention the benefits of some fruits and vegetables on a piece of paper. Also, mention what they are rich in. Stick this list on the refrigerator and ask the kids to pick the vegetables having specific vitamins. This game will help them learn the importance of healthy food.

DIY display board

display board Decorative board by diana nguyen via creative commons

Memo display boards are very applicable and functional pieces in home décor. Between writing out important reminders and displaying memorable pictures for our own enjoyment, memo display boards are informative just as they are a decorative item for our home.

There are so many different types of memo display boards out there so instead of journeying out on a never-ending quest to find the perfect memo board, you can design one yourself. With the right embellishments and décor, you can turn a memo display board into a handy wall organizer.
What you’ll need:

  • Fabric Ribbon
  • Used cork boards
  • Upholstery tacks
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Gold vellium paper
  • Newspaper
  • Office stapler/staples
  • Straight pins
  • Decorative pins
  • Pencil or chalk

What to do:

  1. Before you get started, shield the surface you’re working on with newspaper and administer your spray adhesive onto your cork board.
  2. To determine how much fabric you’ll need, measure the cork portion of just the bulletin board and add no more than 4 inches to both the height and width. Center your fabric on the cork board and smooth the fabric out evenly into place. You can turn the fabric edges into place and pin them down.
  3. You may choose to embellish your board with decor ranging from gold vellium paper to glitter designs.
  4. Unfold your stapler and staple the edges of the fabric (inside edge of frame). Continue stapling till your fabric is completely secure.
  5. Remove all pins and place the ribbons to form diagonal lines from one another. To determine the placement for the ribbons, divide the board into fourths or thirds and use your straight pins to hold the ribbons down at each intersection. Continue stapling ribbons crisscrossing them until board is completely finished.
  6. You can hide the staples you’ve made around the entire board by lining the edges of frame with ribbon.
  7. Secure the ribbons by placing your upholstery tacks where the ribbons meet and continue placing tacks at each intersection.

Easy ways to create your own ankle wrap shoes

ribbon ankle wrap shoes via Merchand

It is the perfect weather to slip into your flip flops or your favorite sandals to wear with your summer dress. In order to give your entire outfit a notch up you can add ankle wrap around your shoes which will add extra flair and glamour. This is an easy to do project which require little time and effort. Here is a couple of ways you can make your very own ankle wrap shoes.

For all of the below ways, you will need a pair of heeled shoes that either has a strap or back around the ankle. You will also need ribbons or any light weight fabric whose color is very close to the color of your heels.

Flip flops makeover

You will be surprised to see your regular flip flops looking chic after adding the ankle wrap around it. You will need colorful and patterned chiffon that is cut in 1.5-2 inches wide. The length of the chiffon depends on how big and grand you want the bow to be at the end. Now comes the easy part where you just cover the straps of your flip flop entirely without missing any spot. Make sure to leave enough length on both the ends to help you wrap it around your ankle and tie a neat bow.

Add glamour to your heels

Another simple way to dress up your heels is by creating ankle wrap shoes for your heels. Take a light fabric that is at least 3 feet long and that also matches your shoe color. After you slip into your shoes start wrapping the fabric around your foot, starting from the bottom of your foot. Criss-cross it around your foot to give it a unique style and when the fabric reaches at its ends tie a pretty bow on the sides of the ankle. This is a quick and easy way to decorate your shoes without ruining them with hot glue or pinning holes in them. You can also use ribbon in a color different from your shoes to create your very own color block ribbon ankle wrap shoes.

Pair these shoes with your favorite summer dress and wrap around watch to look fashionable and trendy.

How to knit a Gryffindor scarf


compression gloves for knitting, arthritis compression gloves Creative Commons | Andie712b |

Knitting a scarf is perfect first step for beginning knitters. You can make a scarf of any width, length and color. It is a great idea to use different colors in the scarf to make it a versatile winter wear option. Everyone loves Harry Potter, so why not make your first hand knitted scarf a Gryffindor scarf?

You can wear your scarf with an overcoat, sweater or other clothing items. Knitting a scarf yourself is an inexpensive and useful way to stay warm and stylish. Here are some steps to help you knit a Gryffindor scarf for yourself:

  • Collecting Important Stuff – Start off by collecting stuff you will require for knitting a scarf. You can pick compression gloves for knitting along with the basic stuff like scissor and needles. These gloves can keep you warm and comfortable while knitting. They also protect your hands from stiffness, pain and rashes.
  • Choosing a Yarn – There are many colors of yarn to choose from, but to make a Gryffindor scarf, you will want a burgundy and gold colored yarn. Take about six ounces of yarn as this will help you make a six inches wide and five feet long scarf. A scarf of this length and width can look perfect!
  • Knitting the Scarf – Wear your arthritis compression gloves and start by casting 24 stitches. Make a simple garter stitch and go all the way across the row. Keep repeating this process until your scarf gets the length you want. Don’t forget to tie the ends off in the end.

Using the right kind of gloves can help you make a great scarf. Compression gloves put a light compression on your fingers to soothe arthritis, pain and swelling. These versatile gloves are great for knitting and typing as they are warm. All of your friends are going to love your Gryffindor scarf when you have completed it, and they’ll want you to start making scarves for them too!!