How to organize your craft desk




If you are always making crafts you know how messy your craft room or desk can get. You only need to be working on one or two projects for your work space to look like a disaster zone. So how do you keep your craft desk organized even when you’re working on projects? You need a few items to keep all of your crafting materials sorted. Everything should have a place.

Here are some items that can help:

Adjustable desk organizer

Pencil, pen and marker holders

See through folders

A drawer system

The reason an adjustable desk organizer is useful is because you can place and sort different project you are working on. Whether you are working on Mother’s Day cards or a portrait drawing, you can keep them all in your adjustable desk organizer. You can also keep other document like instructions for a project you’re working on.

It’s really helpful to have multiple pencil, pen and marker holders so that you can organize and sort the different drawing tools that you have. If you’re a drawer you that it’s annoying when you can’t find a particular pencil or colored marker. You can sort however it works best for you whether that’s by color or writing tool.

See through folders are important to have on hand for those really special and delicate projects. If you are drawing a portrait of someone and you don’t have to leave it were something might spill on it, see through folders a must-have.

When you sort your crafts, the last thing you want to do is have a stacking system where you have to unstack everything to get to one item. A drawer system works best. If your desk doesn’t have drawers, you can create your own with small cardboard boxes and scrapbooking paper to make them pretty. That way everything will be in your reach and you will stay sane while you’re crafting.

How to make a decorative mask


 zucker plastic mask,quatro fishing line Creative Commons | mags (

Making your own mask can be fun and exciting. Handmade masks come in handy for themed events such as Halloween parties or a masquerade ball. They also make perfect gifts for family and friends. Here are some items you will need to make a great mask at home:

  • A plain plastic mask
  • Assorted feathers
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • A black marker
  • A decorative stud
  • Craft glue
  • Invisible rubber thread
  • A small drilling machine or screwdriver

Follow these steps to help create the perfect mask for your event:

  • Color your plain white Zucker plastic mask with gold or silver craft paint. Keep in mind, you can use any color appropriate for the themed event.
  • Create a design on the mask using a black or colored marker. You can also go the creative route and embellish your mask with a Quatro fishing line. Use these shimmery lines to border your mask.
  • After you’ve given a nice color and pattern to your mask, use your crafts glue to decorate your mask with the assorted feathers.
  • Choose a stud according to your mask’s color scheme and paste in the center of your mask. This will hide the ends of the feathers and will add to the complete look of your mask.
  • Once you’re done decorating your mask, poke a hole on the left and right end of your mask right alongside the eyes of the mask.
  • Take your invisible rubber thread and cut it according to the size of your head. A great way to ensure a perfect fit is to insert the thread in one hole while holding the mask up to your face. This way you’re able to accurately measure the size from one end to the other.
  • Now you can finally insert the other end of your rubber thread into its corresponding hole and tie a knot at each end of the thread.

You can wear this mask to a party or showcase as in-home decor. With this tutorial, you can now design a unique mask or attend an elegant themed party.

Have your own wine and cheese party


cheese wire cutter, wine glasses plastic

If you’re looking to throw a fun but unique party, then you’ve come to the right place for ideas. All you really need are a few simple ingredients, plus a great slew of people to make sure that you’re set and ready for action. Read on to see what you need for the best party ever.

What you’ll need:

  • Cheese (like, Camenber, Brie,Gruyere, comte,  and Herbed goat cheese)
  • Cheese wire cutter
  • Cheese knives
  • Crackers
  • Bread
  • Good Pinot Noir
  • Permanent marker
  • Wine glasses
  • Serving trays
  • Classical music

What to do:

  • Once you have everything you need, make sure to send out invitations. This could either be online or the old-fashioned way, hand-written invites. What’s helpful about a hand-written invite is its staying value. People are more likely to hold onto it and see its importance if it’s a hand-written note.
  • Next, this part is optional but fun, try and get a wine connoisseur in your midst. This will make it that much more fun to have wine there and someone who knows what they’re talking about.
  • If you have plastic wine glasses, you won’t be afraid to mark them with anything and we highly recommend that you do. Take a permanent marker and write each person’s name on their respective glasses. This will make it easier for anyone who puts their glass down and needs to find it later.
  • Having something like individual cheese knives will help keep the blue cheese where it needs to be and all the other cheeses on their own plates. If you decide to try a harder cheese, like cheddar, then using a wire cutter is a great option because it cuts through cheese very easily.
  • Serve everything on a multi-tiered dish and you will be set in terms of entertaining. For an even more fun option, get different crackers, this will really give a different flavor to some of the cheeses and even the wine.

Let us know if you end up throwing a wine and cheese party in the comments below! And tell us how it went!

How to make your own colored jeans

colored jeans via

This spring wearing pastel colored jeans is in fashion. Instead of buying a new pair of colored jeans, I am planning to make my own. I already own an old pair of white jeans and plan to color that to give it a new look. With a few easy instructions you can make your own trendy looking colored jeans at home.
What you need:

  • Rit dye
  • Pair of old white jeans
  • Bucket
  • Hot water

How to do it:

  1. I love pastel colors and have chosen lavender color for the same. Rit dye has around 500 colors to choose from so pick the one that you think is more of your taste.
  2. Soak the jeans in hot water in the bucket and let it get completely wet.
  3. Once it is soaked well, take two cups of water and add dye to it. Put this concentration in hot water and stir it well. Follow the instructions of the brand to know the amount of dye you put in to get the color you want.
  4. Move the jeans well in the water so that it absorbs the color thoroughly.
  5. Finally rinse the jean in your bath tub with warm water in the beginning and then rinse it in cooler water when your jean is not letting out color.
  6. Now hang the jean outside to air dry it and get the desired color for your jean.

You are all set to wear your colored jeans with a white top and elbow length shrug to look chic and stylish.

How to make a business mail organizer

Business mail organizer via

Organization is key when working in an office setting or managing a lot of documents. With so many documents coming in everyday, life can become insane if an easy work flow system is not maintained. If you are running an office from home, two products that will streamline this process for you and provide systematic organization of the documents are a business mail organizer and business mail cubbies. A business mail cubby will help organize documents for different departments and a business mail organizer will help prevent the stress of searching for important documents.


There are two different ways to design a mail organizer or mail cubbies on a budget with some creativity:

Mail Organizers

All you need to make a quick and handy mail organizer is suction cup hooks and heavy duty envelopes. Attach the suction cup hooks to the wall, window or a desk. Now hang the heavy duty envelope into the hook. Make sure to have sufficient spacing between the suction cup hooks to accommodate the envelopes. You can reinforce the envelopes with clear tapes to make the whole built sturdy. Now add the relevant papers to each envelope according to your classification.

Mail Cubbies

Get four to six cereal boxes of same size. Cut off the top and tape the cereal boxes together with a duct tape, glue or stapler. Take the cereal box and place it flat with the opening facing you. Enhance the look of this unit by covering with a colored construction paper, cardboard, aluminum foil or photos.You are ready with a mail cubby to add your paper according to a category.

While a DIY organizer might seem cheap, it is a great money and time saver when you are working on a budget and still looking for organization.