Pumpkin decorating takes on new colors this year


pumpkins black acrylic paintCreative Commons | Cat Winterfox | http://www.flickr.com/photos/frykitty/6197313127/

There are so many new creative ways to decorate pumpkins aside from the basic pumpkin face carving. Pumpkins are a traditional decorative piece for fall, especially Halloween and Thanksgiving. Now-a-days you might see bejeweled pumpkins, painted pumpkins or etched pumpkins. Here are a few alternative pumpkin decorating ideas you can try this year.

Etched pumpkins

What you need: Black acrylic paint, orange pumpkin, painter’s tape, etching tools, white chalk and Vaseline

Here’s what you do: Cover the stem of your pumpkin with painter’s tape. Then paint the whole pumpkin with your black acrylic paint. After it dried, take your white chalk and draw whatever design you desire on your pumpkin. Use the etching tools to carve out the designs you made with white chalk. Using a little bit of Vaseline on the exposed part of the pumpkin will help it last longer. Remove the painter’s tape and your pumpkin is complete!

Modern carved pumpkin (see picture above)

What you need: Metallic spray paint, black acrylic paint, painter’s tape, Funkin (or fake craft store pumpkin) and Dremel tool

Here’s what you do: Cover the stem of your pumpkin with painter’s tape. Spray paint the pumpkin with a metallic color that you like outdoors. Once it dries, make a design with the black acrylic paint. Once it dries use a Dremel tool to carve out holes or whatever design you desire. Also use the Dremel tool to carve a hole in the bottom, so that you can place your pumpkin over an electric tea light.


DIY lamp shades beaded

"Rimfrost series II" | by Till Westermayer chandelier lamp shades beaded (http://www.flickr.com/photos/tillwe/3210981716/) via Creative Commons

A chandelier makes any room look elegant and classy. You can now do the same with your lamp by creating a beaded lamp shade. For this project you can use your old lampshade or buy one at a thrift store. You should use your imagination and let your creative juices flow in this craft project as there are multiple ways to create a chandelier lamp shades beaded. The following one is fun, simple and easy to do.

What you need:

  • Old lamp shade
  • Glass beads
  • Spray paint

How to do it:

  1. The first step is to remove the old fabric from the lamp so you get a better idea of the skeleton of the shade.
  2. Clean the frame and remove any old glue stuck to it. You can also spray paint it with a color that matches your bead color.
  3. You can either buy already linked beads or buy bags of beads and then thread it yourself. The latter gives you the opportunity to try out a variety of color and shape of beads to make your lampshade look more colorful.
  4. If you are creating this lamp for your kid’s bedroom then checkout the flower pendant beads that will be perfect choice for the shade.
  5. If you are threading the beads yourself then remember to leave enough thread on both the ends so that you can tie them to the top and bottom of the frame. Tie each string of beads closer or further away based on how dim or bright you want your lamp to be.

Thus in a few easy steps you are able to recreate the magic of a chandelier with a lamp.

DIY Painted Wooden Signs

painted wooden signs

Making your own custom painted wooden signs is a great project and is also a opportunity to offer unique present.

Here are the the following materials you will need to get started:

Cut the pine board.

Cut the pine board and cut the edges too with a 45 degrees angle.

Sand one side of the board.

Sanding is a very important step, for the side that will have the text. the finish surface needs to be smooth so the paint will not leak during the stencil process

Cut your vinyl with the design and the design you want (stencil)

Vinyl cutting machines became very affordable – Craft Corners recommends that you buy one, it will be a great investment with a lot of applications!

Paint the background of your sign (both side).

Apply your vinyl stencil

This step is also critical –   The more tightly you apply it , the better and more durable your wood sign will be.

Paint though the Stencil

Remove the stencil


Fun party favors for a bachelorette party

4 oz martini glasses, gel nail polish via become.com merchant


One of the most fun and exciting parties you’ll probably ever want to throw is a bachelor or bachelorette party. While we don’t want it to end up like the movie Bridesmaids, we’re sure that  you still want it to be a fun experience. We’ll be giving you a few ideas on how you can have a great time, what you can make for your guests and make sure that everyone will remember the party for years to come.

What you’ll need:

What to do:

First things first, you’ll want to get the favors ready for your guests. We came up with the idea of individualizing each martini glass for each guest that comes to your party. Simply take some gel nail polish and write the guests name on the base of the martini glass. They’ll not only have something they can take home with them but everyone will know whose glass is whose.

The second fun aspect of the night that you’ll want is to create a signature drink that will be served throughout the night. WE recommend having one drink because it makes it easier to buy supplies and to make for everyone. Here’s one idea for a fun, tasty drink that all your girlfriends will love.

Nuts and berries

  • 1 part Cream
  • 1 part Chambord
  • 1 part Frangeleco

Measure each liquid equally so there is a third of everything in the shaker. Shake until the ingredients have been mixed and it has a pinky/purple color and serve in a chilled martini glass. Make it even more delicious with chocolate shavings as the garnish.


While games may seem silly to have at a party, they can actually be very fun. Something that would be a nice party game is to write out quiz questions to ask the bride-to-be about her fiancé to see how well they know each other. This can be the same for any girl at the party that has a significant other.

You should also make sure to have food that would go well with the drink and goes with the theme of the wedding that you’re planning.

That’s it for tips on how to throw a great party for everyone! What are your best tips for throwing a party? Let us know in the comments below!

DIY wind chimes

 wind chimes Creative Commons | McKay Savage | http://www.flickr.com/photos/mckaysavage/6491915893/


You can use all sorts of scrapping  materials to help create the perfect wind chime. You can also incorporate different metals or wood to spruce up the finished look of the wind chime. Here is a look at some items you can gather for making unique angel wind chimes for your home:

  • White beads
  • Angel charms/angel wing pendant
  • White marbles
  • Sea shells of different shapes and sizes
  • A drilling machine with a small diamond drill bit
  • A small wooden stick
  • Invisible plastic thread

Once you have collected these items, it is time for action! Follow these steps to make the perfect wind chime:

  • Take the wooden stick and cut it into the desired size. Keep in mine that the width of this piece of wood should be the width of your wind chime.
  • Create three holes on the wooden stick using your drilling machine. Make one hole at the center of the stick as well as on the opposite ends of the stick.
  • Take the invisible plastic thread and cut in into three long pieces and tie a knot at each end. Put a piece of thread into the middle hole and take it out from the other end (the knot of your thread should act like a stopper and should not pass through the hole. You can make two or more knots at the same place in order to prevent the thread from slipping through).
  • Place the two knotted threads in the vacant holes.
  • Pick up a sea shell and make a hole in it. Now you can put the thread into it. Tie a knot below to create a stopper. You can embellish by incorporating the white marbles and beads into your thread. If you don’t have an angel charm, you can use an angel wing pendant. These pendants will surely add some zazz to the wind chime.
  • Keep adding shells to the threads until all three threads have at least 5 sea shells and two marbles.

In just 30 minutes you’ve got yourself a homemade wind chime! And one made from sea shells, marbles, angel charms, and natural stones will create a soothing sound for your home environment!