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By: Emmy

I believe our passions should extend beyond crafting. Do you Cringe at the sight of little furry animals with no shelter? Concerned about Heart disease ? Interested in volunteering or mission trips?

 I’ve enjoyed being a Jewelry Designer and crafter for the past 10  years, but beyond the love of Jewelry, what I love the most is making a difference in the lives of others and raising awareness about various causes. This Fall, I’m excited to share a beautiful sterling silver coated bracelet, with a clean, yet Elegant, and simple appeal. It’s one size fits all and boasts a breast cancer awareness symbol. A portion of sales will be donated to Breast cancer awareness efforts as well as organizations and centers associated with the fight. I encourage you to find ways to make a difference in your community with your talents and love of Art !


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DIY magazine storage holder

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organize magazines, magazine storage

If you’re anything like me, you always end up having stacks of magazines! I’ll admit I’m a sucker for the latest gossip magazines while waiting in line at the grocery store and I’m often signed up for various monthly subscriptions. If you have a multiple-member household then this problem is only multiplied!

Furthermore, I hate throwing away magazines because a couple times a year I love going through them and pulling out pictures and articles to make collages. Instead of shoving them in drawers and accumulating piles, I decided this is a great opportunity to execute a little DIY project and make a magazine storage craft which I’ll describe below.

Now, if you don’t have time to spend on a project I also have a few ideas to help you stay organized. If you own a wine rack (and it’s not filled with wine), rolling up your magazines and filling up the slots with them is creative and looks great! If you have clean, decorative flower pots bring them inside and fill with rolled up magazines. You may even have enough magazines to make little decorative stands. This works particularly well if your magazines are all the same size (and the larger the better). Stack them up neatly against a wall, preferably one that won’t get bumped into, and place a picture frame or children’s school project on top of it.

If you’re interested in a little DIY project, this is a great one!

Materials you’ll need:

  • Cardboard box
  • Wrapping paper
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  •  Sharp scissors


  1. Determine how many magazines you have in order to find the best cardboard box for you.  Personally I love tall, thin boxes so one like this would work great. This is also a fantastic way to recycle boxes you have laying around the house.
  2. Take sharp scissors and carefully cut off the top and angle the sides into desired shape and size.
  3. Lay out you wrapping paper and measure the needed length (hint: it’s better to do each side which separate sheets of paper) Trace with a pencil and cut with your scissors.
  4. Wrap paper around cardboard box and tape on the inside.
  5. Once all the cardboard is covered, place magazines into the box and you’ve got yourself a homemade magazine storage. This is a great example of what a well-made magazine storage holder can look like. Enjoy being organized!

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DIY Painted Wooden Signs

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Painted Wooden Signs via Amazon

Making your own custom painted wooden signs is a great project and is also a opportunity to offer unique present.

Here are the the following materials you will need to get started:

Cut the pine board.

Cut the pine board and cut the edges too with a 45 degrees angle.

Sand one side of the board.

Sanding is a very important step, for the side that will have the text. the finish surface needs to be smooth so the paint will not leak during the stencil process

Cut your vinyl with the design and the design you want (stencil)

Vinyl cutting machines became very affordable – Craft Corners recommends that you buy one, it will be a great investment with a lot of applications!

Paint the background of your sign (both side).

Apply your vinyl stencil

This step is also critical –   The more tightly you apply it , the better and more durable your wood sign will be.

Paint though the Stencil

Remove the stencil



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DIY vinyl record bowl

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Here at Craftcorners we’re huge fans of vinyl record crafts. There are just so many fun and creative things you can do to repurpose old vinyl records into fun and decorative items for your home! This blog post is going to follow along in the fine tradition, with one major difference: rather than just simply making another piece of décor, we’re going to be creating something you’ll really be able to use around the house. In this post we’re going to show you how you can take an ordinary every day vinyl record and turn it into an absolutely one of a kind bowl. Read on to learn all about it!

What You Need

  • Vinyl records you don’t mind “ruining” For bonus points, the labels at the center of the records should be colorful.
  • A mid-sized bowl that will be safe to throw into an oven for a few minutes. Glass or ceramic works best here.
  • An oven!
  • Couch slipcovers

What To Do

This is an incredibly easy and fun project that can be completed in just a few easy steps. First go ahead and crank up the oven to about 350 degrees. Place the record on top of your bowl and throw them into the oven together. Now you just need to wait for a few minutes for the record to become heated and pliable – typically you’ll actually see the record warp a little bit.

All you need to do now is take your contraption out of the oven, set it down on your slipcover and push the record down into the bowl. At this point the record should still be quite warm and plastic, and you can really experiment with forming it into a variety of shapes – squares, ovals, squiggles – whatever your heart desires! Just remember that you typically have just a few minutes to work with your warmed up record before it cools down and hardens again.

Inspired to take your vinyl crafting to the next level? Check out this no-heat leather and vinyl repair kit..


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How to make flower pot people

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Flower pot man by Nadia308 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/nadiapriestley/177161311/in/photostream/) via Creative Commons

If you are looking for a fun craft that can add a unique element to your backyard, here’s the perfect project.  Just follow these instructions to make a flower pot person.

Materials needed:

  • flower pots
    • 12 with a six-inch diameter (arms)
    • 12 with an eight-inch diameter (legs)
    • 2 with a 12-inch diameter (body)
    • 1 with a 10-inch diameter (head)
    • Twelve pieces of Styrofoam that are three inches thick
    • Strong wire
    • Wire cutters


  1. Paint the pots in whatever fashion you desire, and let dry (this step is optional).
  2. Poke a hole in each piece of Styrofoam and each flower pot just large enough for the wire to fit through.
  3. Tie a knot in the wire.  Bring the wire through the Styrofoam so that it rests on the knot.
  4. Bring the wire through an eight-inch pot from the inside and let the pot rest on the foam.  That is one of the feet.
  5. Slide another piece of Styrofoam down the wire and rest it on the pot.  Then bring another eight-inch pot to rest on the Styrofoam.  Continue this process until you have six pots – that is a leg.
  6. Bring the wire through another eight-inch pot – this time from the outside – until it rests on top of the sixth pot.  Bring a piece of Styrofoam down the wire so that it rests inside the pot.  Stack the other five on top in the same manner.
  7. Put a piece of Styrofoam into the 12th pot and tie a knot; allow 12 inches of wire between the legs.  Cut any excess rope.
  8.  Follow steps 2-7 with the six-inch flower pots to make the arms.
  9. Place a 12-inch pot right side up on a bench with bench cushions (flower pot person will be difficult to move once assembled); place the other one upside down on top of it with another piece of wire running through both – that’s the body.
  10. Tie the bottom end of this wire to the wire between the legs.
  11. Tie the top end to the wire between the arms.
  12. Place the 10-inch pot, right side up, on the body and pull the wire through.  Tie a knot and you’re done.

Now you have your very own flower pot people – better and more unique than a scarecrow.  See if that doesn’t make your guests do a double take.


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Easy ways to create your own ankle wrap shoes

 ankle wrap shoes via Amazon

It is the perfect weather to slip into your flip flops or your favorite sandals to wear with your summer dress. In order to give your entire outfit a notch up you can add ankle wrap around your shoes which will add extra flair and glamour. This is an easy to do project which require little time and effort. Here is a couple of ways you can make your very own ankle wrap shoes.

For all of the below ways, you will need a pair of heeled shoes that either has a strap or back around the ankle. You will also need ribbons or any light weight fabric whose color is very close to the color of your heels.

Flip flops makeover

You will be surprised to see your regular flip flops looking chic after adding the ankle wrap around it. You will need colorful and patterned chiffon that is cut in 1.5-2 inches wide. The length of the chiffon depends on how big and grand you want the bow to be at the end. Now comes the easy part where you just cover the straps of your flip flop entirely without missing any spot. Make sure to leave enough length on both the ends to help you wrap it around your ankle and tie a neat bow.

Add glamour to your heels

Another simple way to dress up your heels is by creating ankle wrap shoes for your heels. Take a light fabric that is at least 3 feet long and that also matches your shoe color. After you slip into your shoes start wrapping the fabric around your foot, starting from the bottom of your foot. Criss-cross it around your foot to give it a unique style and when the fabric reaches at its ends tie a pretty bow on the sides of the ankle. This is a quick and easy way to decorate your shoes without ruining them with hot glue or pinning holes in them. You can also use ribbon in a color different from your shoes to create your very own color block ankle wrap shoes.

Pair these shoes with your favorite summer dress and wrap around watch to look fashionable and trendy.




How to make your couch more comfortable

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Blue stripe pillows, tapestry throw pillowsOuch! Is that clunky couch so uncomfortable you can’t stand looking at it? It would be nice if money grew on trees and we could all buy new couches, but that isn’t the case. Here are some things you can do to your couch to significantly make it more comfortable.

First try adding some fluff to those fluff-less cushions. In most cases this remedy makes a huge difference to a couch.
Another thing you can try is adding some festive and comfortable throw pillows. Here are some recommendations for throw pillows you can use:
blue stripe pillows
tapestry throw pillows
-Rimini pillows
-Ballard Basic square pillows
You can really use whatever pillows you want just make sure they are comfortable for you. If you have a throw pillow you really like, but it’s lost its comfort you could replace/add more fluff.

One other thing you can do to make your couch cozier is to add a comfortable throw blanket. This can either be one that’s large enough to cover the entire couch, like a couch cover, or it can be large enough size to just cover the cushioning. If you’re looking for some sofa slip covers here are some to consider:

Ballard sofa covers
Quilted sofa covers
Soft Jersey slip covers (personal recommendation)
Your couch should be feeling extra comfortable and you did it without having to spend a fortune on a new sofa. Now you can have a relaxing evening as you dive into a good movie from the comfort of your couch.


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3 crafty things to do with an empty glass fish bow

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glass fish bowl

If you ever owned a fish before and have an empty glass fish bowl lying around at home and you do not want to replace your fish then you can use it to let your creative juices flow through a craft project. An glass fish bowl is like an empty canvas. You can use it to make many unique decorative pieces in a few easy steps. It is also a great project to do with your little ones. Here are a few ideas that you can use to create decorative pieces from an empty glass fish bowl.

Sand art

You can create a sand art by using different colored sand. Colored sand can either be bought new, or made at home or bought from any thrift store. You can also use sequin or glitter for a couple of layers to give it a sparkly look. You can also add small pebbles, beads as a layer to give the sand art a distinctive look. This makes a wonderful decorative piece in your kid’s room.


Another idea to decorate your fish bowl is to use it as center piece. All you need to do is add colorful pebbles, sea glass, shells and sand to the bottom of the bowl. Then fill the bowl with water. You can use different flowers after clipping their stem and make them float in the water. Another option is to place floating candles in it. Light the candles in the bowl and place it as a fantastic centerpiece.


If you have a creative streak in you then you can convert your fish bowl into a terrarium. You can grow small plants in a controlled environment and decorate it further with small plastic animals or pebbles. You can place it on the corner etagere shelvescorner etagere shelves and notice how it becomes a conversation starter.


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How to make your own sand timer

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Hourglass by Jamiesrabbits

Even though most children these days have cell phones and iPads and are more tech literate than a lot of adults, they can still enjoy getting their hands dirty with a new craft every now and then.  One particularly fun project that you can work on with your kids is to put together 30 minute hourglass sand timers30 minute hourglass sand timers using a few very simple materials.

So if you can convince them to put those video games down for just half an hour, you can have them help you gather the following materials and get started:

  • Two empty plastic water bottles
  • Scissors or a knife
  • Strong masking tape
  • Drill or business card punchbusiness card hole punch
  • Sand

Cut water bottles down to five inches each.

If your bottles are bigger than five inches, you can cut them down to size with your scissors or knife.  Just cut a few inches out of the middle of the bottle and attach the top and bottom portions with the tape.

Puncture a bottle cap.

You can do this using a drill or business card hole punch.  Discard the other cap.

Add sand.

Fill one of the bottles roughly three-quarters of the way with sand and twist the punctured cap on.

Tape bottles together.

Put the mouth of the empty water bottle directly on the mouth of the other one.  Use your masking tape to attach them to one another.  The more tightly you bind them, the better and more durable your sand timer will be.

Start timer!

Flip your new craft over and watch the sand flow downward into the empty bottle.  Repeat this process as many times as you like.

There is one last step, of course: get your child to stop using the timer on his or her cell phone in favor of this ancient timing method.  It should be pretty easy, right?




How to decorate a straw hat

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Dorfman Pacific Mens Rush Straw Lightweight Casual Wide Brim Gambler Hat, Straw

Hats can take any outfit up a notch! You can wear hats to beaches, weddings, family functions and elegant parties. Straw hats can look glamorous if you decorate them according to your attire. Here are some steps to help you decorate a straw hat.

What you’ll need:

  • Straw hat
  • Scarf
  • Faux flowers
  • Glue gun
  • Other craft embellishments

What to do:

  1. wide brim straw hat or a hat made from 100% paper straw. Wide brim straw hats are known to provide excellent UV protection.  Many hats come with adjustable PV leather nick straps and wooden beads. You can select a plain or designer wide brim straw hat. You can check out different types of hats from e4Hats and Luxury Divas.
  2. Choose a printed scarf for the hat- once you have selected the hat, choose a printed scarf and tie it in a knot around the head of the straw hat. You can let the ends of the scarf hang down for a more casual look. Make sure you tie the scarf tightly so that it stays in its place.
  3. Paste a flowers or beads on the hat- paste a flower on one side of your hat. Paste it on the far left or right hand side on your hat’s front. Using a glue gun, you can also decorate the hat with a string of beads or a brooch. You can simply paste a single flower to keep it simple and sophisticated.

Wear your decorated wide brim straw hat with different clothing items. Choose some trendy tights with attached skirt to compliment your hat. This item is perfect for women who love the comfort of leggings and femininity of a skirt. You can choose tights with attached skirt from Adidas, Kohl’s and Girl 6X. Compare some dresses online, pick the suitable one and you will surely be able to look great throughout the season!


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