How to have a fun Easter brunch

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Are you looking for a great Easter idea for your bright Sunday morning brunch? Well look no further, because we have the perfect idea for you. All it involves is your basic egg painting kit and some delicious large eggs. Get your kids ready, because here we go!

What you’ll need:

deviled egg tray

plastic egg tray

-egg paint

-egg painting brushes, if not included in kit

-large eggs

What you do:

One of the best parts of Easter for a child is being able to paint and decorate eggs. Almost everywhere you go, there are supplies to paint your eggs in any color you want. Children are so naturally creative, by letting them decide whatever it is that they want to paint, they’ll find it instantly enjoyable and will love every moment they share with you.

-Use your painting supplies to decorate your hard-boiled eggs in any way you want.

-make sure not to over or under cook the eggs because we will be using the yolk

-once the paint has set and dry and everyone has enjoyed the festivities, use the eggs to create deviled eggs

-use your trays to display the eggs that you’ve not only painted but that you’ve cooked as well

The more colors the better! The wonderful thing about decorating eggs and eating them afterwards is the fact that the egg white changes color, and it’s one of the most fun aspects of any child who loves eating eggs. Color always adds fun to any activity.

Even better, display your creative creations after you’ve made the rest of your Easter brunch because it’ll add flair and excitement to the pancakes and ham that you’ve already made. Good luck and we hope you enjoy all your craft endeavors!