7 Brilliant Storage Ideas

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Know it, I am a maniac for storages, and so I am always looking for new ideas of organization! I like everything in its place, tidy and easy to find.

With the internet, I discovered that there are actually a lot of easy and inexpensive ways to organize and store our stuff, with things that you probably already have at home. You will love it, especially if you are in a small house or apartment.

I hope these tips will help you in your quest to organize your home! Let’s go!

1. Use a CD rack to store your Tupperware

CD tupperware

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to organize your Tupperware’s in the kitchen. Storing the lids is a nightmare! The trick is to use a metal CD rack to keep them tidy and visible. Store the lids from the largest (bottom) to the smallest to keep them clearly visible.

2. Create a Storage for your Office

office storage

Use storage for stackable wine bottles with plastic glasses to store all your pens or other office items. What’s great is that you can stack as many storage spaces as you want.

3. Transform your Paper Towel Holder

towel paper holder

Use a paper towel holder to keep your ribbon reels organized and easy to use. I love this tip

4. DIY Lids Holders

cover holder

You can create this holder for lids (assuming you know the basics of sewing) for almost anything! You can use any fabric as long as it breathes and dries quickly.

The best aspect of this storage is that it takes almost no place. I found this idea several years ago on a blog, where the instructions were indicated, but the site closed! But, it seems simple enough to realize – just several pockets.

5. Soap Boxes

soap boxes

Because they cost almost nothing, soap boxes are the perfect solution for storing small items that tend to get lost.

And, if you have children, you can use these boxes to put toys, pencils, cards … The soap boxes are a great travel solution.

6. Use a Plates Storage

plates storage

Instead of stacking your plates on top of each other, consider investing in this type of plate storage. They will be kept upright and easy to take.

7. Storage for Clothes Accessories

clothes storage 1
clothes storage 2

Hats, caps and scarves! Accessories not easy to store in the closet. Make your own storage with shower curtain rings. The chances that you have a hanger are almost 100%, and the shower rings cost only a few Dollars.

Hope these tips help. Try them and tell us what do you think !