Best of the Web No. 5

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This week for Best of the Web we have four amazing bloggers. These bloggers excel in a wide range of crafts and there are an endless amount of posts and tutorials for you to get lost in. These blogs have tutorials on how to make food crafts, socks, throws, an iPad case and just about anything else you can think of. These blogs really have everything covered!

Useless Beauty Designs

Useless Beauty Designs is ostensibly about my adventures in sewing, patchwork and fibre, and a place to share my progress; but it veers off course often into subjects as diverse as whether Craft will bring down Capitalism and the amount of money you would be willing to pay on the yarn for a teacosy. I periodically interview other crafters/ artists/ people I find interesting, and I also like to highlight patterns from around the web. Blogging from Cambridge (UK), I try to show quirky things from around the local area and the freerange cats I meet do seem to feature quite heavily… -Susie from Useless Beauty Designs

Ohhh Lulu

Ohhh Lulu started in 2010, as a way to chronicle my adventures in Lingerie Making, antique-collecting, and everyday life. My sewing-hobby quickly became a part-time job – a life long dream of mine! I now sell my creations on Etsy and share sewing tips and tidbits on my blog. I am always crafting something new, and having just bought my first house, will be having lots of home decorating DIY features soon! -Sarah from Ohh Lulu

Enchanted Events & Design

I use my blog to keep my readers updated on my designs, inspirations and DIY ideas for parties. The events I feature on my site range from weddings to children’s birthdays to holiday table settings. I generally focus on trying to create a beautiful setting with minimal costs so my posts usually focus on tips and tutorials for helping stretch your party budget as far as it can go. -Alexandra from Enchanted Events & Design



A year ago i rediscovered my love of making things, which had been put to one side since childhood. My blog documents my dabblings in all things crafty, from dressmaking to knitting, applique to embroidery and lots more besides. Here I show my finished makes as well as patterns, books and other blogs I love. This year I hope to learn to crochet, to expand my me-made wardrobe, to continue to make gifts for my friends and family and to try and sell a few of my makes at my very first craft fair, all the time charting my progress on my blog. -Katherine from KraftyKat

If you find yourself buying countless rolls of paper for your craft making activities, consider buying some roll paper racks. They are a simple way to organize your paper in one place. The best part is that you no longer have to worry about the paper getting bends and folds in it from being stored in the open or in a closet. Since each one is organized in the rack, pulling the paper out and tearing is a breeze. Remember, the more supplies you have the harder it will be to organize everything unless you start early.