How to pack for a boat day trip

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There is nothing like spending a fun filled day out on a boat with family or friends. Packing for a boat day trip is as exciting as having a good time with your loved ones on a boat. It starts with making a list of all the items you need for the trip. Here are some things you must write in your list and take along to your boat day trip.

  • Shoes

You must carry a well cushioned pair of shoes to your boat trip. Sperry top-sider angelfish shoes are ideal for women. These shoes are stylish and feminine. They feature padded tongues and rubber out-soles for durable comfort. Made from stain and water resistant leather, they have rust proof eyelets for a secure fit. You can also pick a pair of black sparkle sperrys for your wife or girlfriend. These shoes are great for formal events, dates, night outs and parties. They help you have a luxurious and romantic dinner date on your boat. The Hikerfish Sperry topsider is one of the best men’s shoes for a boat day trip. Made from premium mixed materials and leather, these shoes have padded tongues. Their shaft height is 7 inches. Once you have picked shoes for the men and women of your family, it is time to buy nice pairs of shoes for the little ones. You can check out various Sperry shoes online for your baby boy and baby girl.

  • Insect repellent

You must carry an insect repellent and a hand sanitizer with you. Bugs can be a big challenge if you are fishing or exploring a small island. You must use a hand sanitizer before having your meal or snacks. Don’t forget to buy some good moisturizing lotions, antiseptics and sun screen lotions for your trip.

  • Clothing items

Don’t forget to carry swimsuits, hats and sunglasses to your boat day trip. Your swimsuit will help you lay out and bathe in the sun on a beach. Every member of your family should have these clothing items. Try and cover yourself with clothes as much as you can if there are mosquitoes around.

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