Create your own cat Halloween costume

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leopard print boots Creative Commons | Brooke Raymond |

Meow! This Halloween some of us might not have tons of extra cash to buy a $60 costume to wear only once. Or maybe you do, but you are just feeling a little creative anyway. Either way let’s make our own costumes this year! I have a few tips on how to make a very easy and inexpensive cat costume.

Pick out a few pieces from your closet such as a black shirt, black skirt, black pants or tights that would easily work for a cat costume. Then add a pair of leopard print boots which will complement your costume, but are also reusable with your everyday outfits. Now all you need to do is make the tail and ears!

Here’s what you need:


-Black and pink markers

-Hot glue gun


-Glue stick

-White paper


-Cotton balls

-Black tights

-Safety pin

Here’s how you make the ears:

  1. Take your cardboard and draw triangles whatever size you want the cat ears to be. Cut the triangles out.
  2. Trace one of the triangles on the white paper four times. Cut out the four white triangles and paste them on both sides of both of your pieces of cardboard.
  3. Use the markers to color the ears black and pink in middle on one side.
  4. Hot glue the ears to your headband.

Here’s how you make the tail:

  1. Take an old pair of your black tights.
  2. Cut them in half. Keep one half to make the tail
  3. Fill the tight with as much cotton as you want.
  4. Then just safety pin the open end together, and use the safety pin to attach the tail to your pants or skirt when it’s time to put the costume on.

Happy Halloween! Meow!