Create your own hair station


“hair styling tools+bobby pins+hair spray” | by Maegan Tintari ( via Creative Commons

Ok ladies, it’s time to use that empty corner of your room that you are currently piling junk at! You can turn that corner of your room into a mini retreat by creating a place where you can have fun re-inventing yourself – at your very own hair station! Here’s how to get started.

Pick your mirror

Your mirror shouldn’t just serve as a mirror, it should be multi-functional. This is why you need a coat hook mirror. They are beautifully framed with wood, with a mini shelf which can hold little items likes your hair spray, hair serum, or brushes.

Organize your hair accessories

The best thing about using a coat hook mirror is that is has study hooks, so you are free to hang things like head beads, hair ties, or chignons, keeping all your hair accessories neat and organized. For smaller things like bobby pins, you can put tiny them in tiny glasses and place them on the shelf (see above).

Set up your styling tools

If you had a side table previously sitting docile in your empty corner, you can now put that to use next your hair station to place your styling tools on. Make sure to place curling irons strengtheners on top of their fabric covers when in use, as you do not want their heat to ruin the surface of your side table.

Maintaining cleanliness

Hair stations can messy, so make sure to routinely clean your area. Instead of using harsh chemical cleaners which can compromise the wood and mirror of your coat hook mirror, you can make your own mild cleaner to wipe down the area. You can get empty spray bottles, fill them with water, and add only a drop or two of dish detergent. Give it a shake and you have your own cleanser that will not ruin your hair station.

Enjoy your new hair station and happy creating!

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