Creating your own birthstone necklace

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birthstone pendant necklace mother's pendant by gemteck1 | via Creative Commons

Making your own fashion jewelry is both a fun and money saving practice that is sure to upgrade your wardrobe. Often times it is difficult to find matching pieces to your favorite outfit, so why not just create your own piece? Birthstones necklace are a safe gift item that is easy to make and with one quick trip down to your local crafts store, you can pick up some jewels and in some cases ready-made pendants to make your own birthstone pendant necklace.

What you’ll need:

–          Cable chain

–          Round nose pliers

–          Wire cutters

–          Pendant piece and/or birthstone

–          Acrylic glue

–          Steel necklace extender lobster claw

Steps for Completion:

1. Create pendant piece by attaching birthstone with acrylic glue and allow to dry.

2. Cut cable chain to appropriate length (18” to 24” recommended)

3. Attach steel necklace extender lobster claw to end of chain with round nose pliers.

4. Fixed pendant on the center of the chain and you’re finished!

These also make great gifts where you can add your own decorative flair. Birthstones are a safe bet to be loved by any recipient, so don’t be afraid to add on some extra style to make it unique.