How to decorate your child’s room with stickers

Tree wall decal by merchant

I used to love putting stickers on my headboard when I was a child, which of course drove my mom insane! Well, here’s finally a fun activity where you and your partner can do to decorate your baby nursery or child’s room with wall decals and stickers. The best part? No one gets in trouble.
Before you decorate the room, make sure you and your partner have planned in detail where each sticker will go. Unlike normal stickers, once these are one, they stay there! Here are some decorating ideas.

Tree decal for your nursery

Tree nursery stickers are very popular at the moment, as they liven up your nursery, do not take up any space, and are fairly easy to apply. First, make sure you’ve wiped the area you want to apply your decal, so ensure your wall is clear of dirty and grease. Before you peel off your decal and stick it to your wall, it would be best to position it exactly where you want it, and mark where the top should end up once you stick it on. Also, plan to start peeling from the bottom and work your way up to ensure that your sticker will not be crooked or misplaced. Once you are done, you can place smaller decals on your tree like birds, leaves, flowers or fruit.

Alphabet wall stickers

Alphabet wall stickers are also a great way to let your child decorate their room once they are older. They can get creative and use them to decorate with photos (shown above), their door (ex. Brian’s Room or Alicia’s Closet), or even their favorite quote which would line one of their walls. These are very versatile and you can use them around the house for many other things. For example, you can create a board and label it as “weekly chores” for you and your kids to fill out, or you can put your children’s name above their cubbies in their play room.

Whatever you choose to use them for, wall stickers are a great way to decorate your wall without creating a mess. How did you choose to use decal and stickers to decorate your room?

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