DIY Decorating your own flower pot

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 clay flower pot, crayola paint set "Welcome Flower Pot" | by Steve Moses ( via creative commons and merchant


Do you have an excess of flower pots hanging around your yard? Do you feel like they’re just drab and dreary? Well in just a few simple steps you can solve that problem to not only add some extra accent to your yard, but accent the flowers in the pots as well. Here’s how you can decorate your own flower pot.

Things you’ll need:

Clay flower pot

Crayola paint set

Paint brushes

Stencils (optional)

Tape (optional)

What to do:

This might be a great activity to do in your backyard, on a patio table. This is even a wonderful craft idea for children who plan on planting their own flowers or herbs. Giving children the freedom, challenge and reward of not only creating and decorating something that they will eventually eat helps them grow and understand hard work and perseverance.

Pick out the pot that you want to use, and make sure it has a hole in the bottom so when you eventually water it the water has a place to go. If you use a stencil this is the time to take it out. Use some tape to stick it to the side of the pot and paint over your design. If you choose not to use stencils then this is where the creativity happens. Maybe paint more flowers of the same kind that you end up planting in the pot. Or even better, paint the name of the flower or herb that you’re planting on the front of the pot. This will allow for easy identification and help children learn the names of certain flora. Keep in mind to paint the pots before you plant anything in them or place any soil in the pot. Once you’re done painting and you’ve allowed the paint to dry, add any plant that you want! Have fun decorating and let us know how your adventure turns out.