DIY toy for your children

This is something different than a usual DIY project for you and your kids. DIY shoebox foosball game is a great opportunity for your kids to learn something new, get some new skills and have a great time with parents. The project is very simple and you will need just one hour to make it. After that is time for fun. This DIY project has got a lot of positive feedback because it gives the opportunity for parents to work with kids. Kids will have a great time coloring box and parents need to handle scissors and glue.
First, you will need some stuff that you probably have in your home. For this project you need, of course, kids, one shoebox, ten clothes pegs, four straws, scissors, ruler, clear tape, glue and one ball. The ball you can make from paper but the best option is a ping pong ball.

The point of this project is to use a shoebox like some sort of foosball field, for rods we will use straws and for the players, clothes pegs.
The first step is to prepare your shoebox. You need to make holes for rods on each side of the box and holes for goals on other two sides. Holes for rods you need to make on the longer side of shoebox and holes for goals on the shorter side. Just remember how real foosball table looks. It is important to make proper dimensions of goals because the ball must go through. When you are making rods it is important that they are on the equall distance one from another.
After you are done with making the field from shoebox you can give the box to kids so they can color. While kids are coloring the box you will make rods. You need to make four rods. Proces of making rods is very simple; you need to fill straws with wooden dowels so they can’t bend. In an ideal solution, there would be to 2 teams with different colors of rods but if you can’t make it, leave them in the same color.
The last step when everything is coming together is making foosball players. First, you need to color 5 clothespins in one color and 5 in another color to present two separate teams. It will look nice if you can match them with the color of the rods. After you color the rods, box and players leave them dry. When they are dry, put foosball players on rods and glue them. Please wait until the glue is completely dry.
After all is dry you are ready to play foosball with your kids. This foosball table game is a great project for the rainy day. Also, there is some other project you can do on a rainy day like memory game od tic tac toe game. This DIY project sounds maybe a little complicated at the beginning, but you need to do it step by step and you will understand it. At the very end, you will see the result of your work and you will feel great. Do not become discouraged in the beginning because you don’t know what you are doing. After all, it is important to have a great time with your kids and complete your project.

I have two boys and also I love playing foosball. This project was a great experience for me because I merged three things together that I love: my boys, foosball and having fun.

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