How to display Christmas cards and ornaments

ink jet greeting cards, porcelain Christmas ornament

There are many ways to display Christmas cards and ornaments that you receive from family and friends. Some people put display them on top of the fireplace mantel or the piano while other tape them to the back of the door. Put there is an even better way to display the holiday greeting cards you receive from family and friends. Use a festive string of beads to hang up your season’s greetings. The kids can help too!

Here’s what you need:

Ink Jet greeting cards

Porcelain Christmas ornament

– Beads

– String

– Clothespins

– Paint

– Two nails

Here’s what you do:

  1. Have the kiddos use they favorite beads or beads that you’ve purchased, and string them on a few feet string. Measure the area that you will want to hang your string of beads. Cut it a little bigger and let the kids have at it.
  2. Then use a nail in the wall on each end and securely tie the string to the nail. Or if your string is thick, you can put the nail through the string. Do this once you’ve finished beading the string.
  3. Then paint the clothes pins different festive colors whether it’s green and red or blue and silver.
  4. You can print your own Ink Jet greeting cards to give the family and hang them on the string to give your holiday card display a head start.
  5. Then look for your favorite porcelain Christmas ornaments that loved ones have given to the family and use your beaded string to display these as well.
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