Make your own butterfly mobile

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mobile for bassinet, wall mounted nursery mobile Creative Commons | ButterflyOrb |


You can’t really go wrong with a butterfly theme when it’s for girls. It is easy to buy a gift, wrap it up and give it to the,. But if you have the patience to make your own butterfly cutouts, then you can give a much more personal and handmade gift. A butterfly mobile makes a beautiful gift for those cute toddler girls. You can use a mobile for bassinet and as wall mounted nursery mobiles.

Here are some supplies you will need to make a butterfly crib mobile:

  • Large butterfly paper punch
  • A sturdy shimmery paper
  • A strong invisible plastic thread
  • Sleek aluminum wire
  • Wire cutter

Here is how you make a butterfly crib mobile:

  • Take the butterfly paper punch and a sturdy shimmery paper
  • Make nearly 145 big butterfly cut outs with the help of the punching machine
  • Take a long aluminum wire and cut it in 40 medium sized wires
  • Now try to make a big round ball using all of these 40 aluminum wires
  • You can start using the wire cutter once you have made the aluminum ball
  • Make 30 cuts on different wires and make sure you make these cuts all over the ball
  • Once you have made the cuts, you can gently pull the ends of cut wires
  • Do this until your ball looks like the sun with several rays
  • Now use the sharp ends of the pulled out wires to pierce the butterfly cut outs
  • Put all the butterfly cut outs into the pulled wires, making sure you spread the butterflies all over the ball evenly
  • Lastly, take the invisible plastic thread and tie it on the top of the aluminum circle so that you could hang it over the crib

You can hang these butterfly mobiles over a crib or bassinet. A mobile for a bassinet has to be smaller and softer. You can place these mobiles in a cute pink bassinet. There are different types of bassinets out there. You can take a look at bassinets from Badger Basket, kolcraft, Eddie Bauer Bridgette etc. Some of these amazing ones play music to keep your baby pacified. Along with this, they come with a lot of comfort, fashion and convenience.