Make your own jeweled T-strap sandals

You can make jeweled sandals for yourself, one of your friends or your little girl. These easy to make sandals will not only help you save money; they’ll also allow you to be creative. Here are some items you will need to make charming jeweled sandals:

  • A pair of plain T-strap sandals with thick straps
  • Assorted jewels
  • Superglue
  • Aluminum foil or an old rag

Follow the steps below to make customized jeweled sandals:

  • Take a pair of silver or white plain T-strap sandals and clean them properly with a damp cloth.
  • Cover your sandals with aluminum foil or an old rag that you don’t use anymore. This will protect your sandals from the superglue. Make sure to leave the straps exposed since you’ll be decorating them with jewels.
  • Now take some jewels and apply superglue onto the back of each one. You can also apply the glue directly onto the area of your sandals where you want to place the jewels. Place the jewels as desired on your sandals until you’ve covered the straps.
  • Let the superglue dry for a few hours.

Once your trendy jeweled sandals are ready, you can have fun accessorizing and wear them to fun-filled outings. You can wear a cute tank top, a nice skirt, sunglasses and a snake bracelet with these sandals. PalmBeach Jewelry, Ulla Popken and Endless offer charming jeweled and studded snake bracelets, which will look perfect with your sandals.

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