Make your own Twig Arrangement

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Are you looking for inexpensive decor to liven up your home? Look no further! Today we have a project idea that was inspired by twig art used to decorate living room walls. If twig art is a little too bold for your taste, you can try making a twig arrangement for a more subtle alternative. Twig arrangements are elegant in their simplicity and will lend your living room some rustic charm. The next time you go on a hike or nature walk, bring along a basket and collect some twigs to get started!

What you’ll need

  • Long, straight twigs
  • Mason jar, vase or drinking glasses set
  • Garden shears
  • Sturdy rubber bands
  • Ribbon
  • Fabric flowers with short wire stems (optional)

What to do

  1. Add your twigs to the Mason jar or vase one at a time. You can also make several arrangements by placing them in matching drinking glasses. Use the garden shears to trim them at varying lengths or at a uniform length as desired.
  2. Bundle the twigs together using a rubber band. If you’re using a Mason jar or drinking glasses, place the rubber band at the same level as the mouth of the jar or glass.
  3. Tie a length of ribbon into a bow around the mouth of the jar or glass. If you’re using a vase, tie a bow around the neck.
  4. Optional: For some added flair, take some fabric flowers and wrap their stems around the twigs to hold them in place.