2 Easy Tips to Decorate your Child’s Room

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wall height chart

I know a married couple who are expecting their first child, and the one thing that has been the most stressful is how to decorate their son’s room. They settled on a jungle theme, although they’ve still gone through four different paint colors and a deco0rative wall paper trying to get it just right. If you have a baby arriving soon in your life, be it a friends, family members, or your very own, then I’m here to give you some fun and useful decorating tips.

  • Think Long Term: The baby is only going to be a baby for a few years, then he’ll be a kid. So fill their room up with stuff that they can use when they get older. For example, my friends bought a crib that will convert into a twin bed once their son is old enough. Other ideas are a wall height chart, color coded storage bins, and a throw rug, which should all last quite a while in your child’s room.
  • Get Things Your Child Can Decorate: So you got the perfect blue dresser for your baby’s room. But your when your child turns three, they decide they want a green dresser. Now you have quite a dilemma. Either you keep the dresser and the child is unhappy, you have to repaint it (which is quite the project having to remove the old paint first), or you flat out buy a new dresser. Instead of all that hassle, just buy your newborn a natural wood finish dresser. Then when your child is old enough, you can have a fun weekend painting it with the colors and designs that they like. It improves their motor skills and gives them a sense of accomplishment. Other furniture this can be done with include their crib/bed, stools, chairs, and tables.