Pumpkin decorating takes on new colors this year

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pumpkins black acrylic paintCreative Commons | Cat Winterfox | https://www.flickr.com/photos/frykitty/6197313127/

There are so many new creative ways to decorate pumpkins aside from the basic pumpkin face carving. Pumpkins are a traditional decorative piece for fall, especially Halloween and Thanksgiving. Now-a-days you might see bejeweled pumpkins, painted pumpkins or etched pumpkins. Here are a few alternative pumpkin decorating ideas you can try this year.

Etched pumpkins

What you need: Black acrylic paint, orange pumpkin, painter’s tape, etching tools, white chalk and Vaseline

Here’s what you do: Cover the stem of your pumpkin with painter’s tape. Then paint the whole pumpkin with your black acrylic paint. After it dried, take your white chalk and draw whatever design you desire on your pumpkin. Use the etching tools to carve out the designs you made with white chalk. Using a little bit of Vaseline on the exposed part of the pumpkin will help it last longer. Remove the painter’s tape and your pumpkin is complete!

Modern carved pumpkin (see picture above)

What you need: Metallic spray paint, black acrylic paint, painter’s tape, Funkin (or fake craft store pumpkin) and Dremel tool

Here’s what you do: Cover the stem of your pumpkin with painter’s tape. Spray paint the pumpkin with a metallic color that you like outdoors. Once it dries, make a design with the black acrylic paint. Once it dries use a Dremel tool to carve out holes or whatever design you desire. Also use the Dremel tool to carve a hole in the bottom, so that you can place your pumpkin over an electric tea light.